Can professionals transfer their skill set from one industry to another? Anna Valeri Jelezovskaia discovered IE University’s unique approach was essential to the process.

From studying law to a career in the creative industry—that isn’t what Anna expected her life to look like when she first started at IE University. But now, years down the line, she’s glad it was the path she wound up taking. 

Anna Valeri Jelezovskaia enjoyed an accomplished academic career during her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at IE University. But by the end of her program, she realized that legal practice didn’t quite appeal to her evolving interests. Anna knew the arts were where she belonged and so she took the leap to pivot her skill set across industries. 

Right from graduation, Anna tried to get as much experience in the arts as she could, starting by working for a renowned cultural foundation. She then decided to pursue her master’s degree and specialized in media communications and creative industries management. 

During this time, she also narrowed her focus to the tech industry. That helped Anna find her current position at Gladia as a content strategist, where she’s responsible for the foundational content work. There, she devises their brand platform, guidelines and convictions—Anna communicates the brand’s story to the masses. 

At Gladia, her day always starts with a team meeting to help them all get on the same page. They each then tackle their specific tasks independently; but, as a startup, it still takes teamwork to bring everything together. After work, Anna tries to explore Paris as much as possible. She spends time with friends, does sports or biking outdoors and, of course, attends different cultural events around the artsy city. 

While the role gives Anna a lot of freedom, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. She must constantly adapt the brand story to different channels and ensure consistency, value and a good return on investment. That said, the most rewarding aspect of Anna’s job is the chance to bring ideas to life. In fact, it’s part of what success is to her: the ability to say, “I want to build this,” and turn a concept into something tangible that works. 

The legal world wasn’t for Anna but that’s not to say she didn’t enjoy her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). Looking back, she misses the intellectual challenge that comes with academic work, constantly learning and questioning the world around her. She says the program’s rigorous nature made her even stronger in her current role. 

Anna credits the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at IE University for giving her the academic framework, hands-on approach, research foundation and international outlook she needed to launch a successful creative career. Ultimately, the program helped her realize what her true path was.