Microsoft Learn is a platform that offers training and certifications on the most in-demand digital skills. IE University has joined forces with Microsoft to provide our community with the best possible resources for tech empowerment.

At IE University, we place enormous value on equipping our community members with the best tools and resources out there. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for partnerships with powerful platforms and corporations that will benefit our students, faculty and alumni.

One of our most recent partnerships we’ve forged is with Microsoft Learn. This cutting-edge platform aims to provide knowledge and develop the technological skills of our students studying STEM degrees and other disciplines, which are becoming increasingly valuable in the job market. Students will be able to earn certificates in technologies such as AI, big data or the cloud. 

Filling the gap

We are immensely proud to take part in such a unique collaboration with world-renowned tech giant Microsoft. As one of the first institutions in Spain included in this pioneering program, we are further enriching our dynamic ecosystem by providing practical and flexible tools to impact the jobs of tomorrow.

Jon Oleaga, professor and digital transformation expert at IE University, emphasizes the importance of training students in technical skills and providing them with digital certifications to demonstrate their acquired knowledge. 

“At IE University, we train our students to accelerate their managerial development.” He says. “LinkedIn confirms that 2 million new jobs related to digitization will be created in the next five years. The market demands new profiles and, therefore, at our institution we continuously innovate to respond to the new challenges of the business world. Whether you work in finance, HR or any other sector, you need to understand the key elements of digital transformation.”

Collaborating with Azure Lab Services 

The world-class tech doesn’t stop there, though. The Microsoft training sessions are made available through Azure Lab Services, Microsoft’s leading-edge service for setting up accessible labs, classes and hackathons in the cloud.

Will all of this benefit non-tech students? Absolutely! We’re currently working on a second phase of implementing Microsoft Learn into all of our non-technological programs. Additionally, we’ve already adapted the teaching materials for our faculty members, and we’re currently preparing similar certifications for them—therefore empowering the broader IE University community.

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