IE Impact Xcelerator: gain hands-on experience through this unprecedented union of tech, business and academia

For students of the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, the IE Impact Xcelerator offers unparalleled opportunities. This unique platform was established in early 2023 to bridge the gap between academia and industry, with a particular focus on new and emerging technology. Serving as part of IE School of Science and Technology’s outreach to their corporate partners, this collaborative platform brings together global thought leaders, academic experts and leading businesses in tech. Its aim is to create and channel projects that, through research and entrepreneurship, will close the gap between academic research and industry needs, generating positive impact in this dynamic sector.

Through a combined effort with global faculty network Catalyst, the Impact Xcelerator seeks to break down silos in our understanding of global trends, support entrepreneurial initiatives like Rise Europe, and drive the evolution of science and technology education.

A union of great minds

The list of participants in this exciting venture is as impressive as it is extensive. Executive director Isabel Sanchez Emmerich leads the project, but she counts on the close cooperation of over fifty members of some of the most prestigious faculties in the academic world, including Berkeley, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, DTU, Melbourne University, Lund, HKBU Qatar and Prague VSE.

The range of events and activities going on under the Impact Xcelerator’s umbrella is just as impressive. With labs covering a diverse range of areas such as the Metaverse, Health and Technology, Climate and Energy, Cybersecurity and Financial Resources, the potential for breakthroughs in some of humanity’s most pressing issues is unparalleled.

So it’s no surprise that innovative businesses are getting on board. Cryptocurrency company Ripple has signed the first agreement to work with the Impact Xcelerator, building on an existing relationship between IE School of Science and Technology and Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative. Work has already started on a Virtual Asset Regulation Lab to address some of the challenges the sector is going to face.

And it doesn’t end there. Regular conferences, webinars and lectures from global thought leaders bring venture capital, business and higher education together for an unprecedented style of collaboration.

Benefiting companies and students alike

“We have incorporated the Impact Xcelerator program into our curriculum, granting our fourth-year BCSAI students the chance to execute their capstone projects within this framework. This collaboration enhances their educational journey and contributes to the development of tangible, real-world, value-driven projects.”

Federico Castanedo, Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Academic Director

No ordinary program, the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence sets out to empower disruptive individuals to change the world of tech. It does this through practical, experiential learning that provides students with the chance to conceive, develop and research their own projects in close collaboration with Impact Xcelerator partners like Ripple. So not only do they get to attend events like the Catalyst Impact Lecture Series and hear insights from global sector leaders, they also have access to exclusive resources and industry connections to conduct research projects with top tech companies.

There’s no better way to gain and demonstrate experience than by working on real challenges with real industry leaders, and that’s exactly what the Impact Xcelerator offers our students. The chance to gain experience with a globally recognized tech platform, learn cutting-edge skills and build an extensive network of industry connections helps our students gain the competitive edge they need to become the tech visionaries of tomorrow. 
Check out the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence—it may just be your first step to changing the tech world as we know it.