IE University was built upon innovation. In fact, we are the first institution of our kind—founded by three entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. With a view to use education to level-up the next generation and prepare them for the future, we’re expert trailblazers.

That said, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without science and technology. They’re the foundations for our future; enabling us to innovate and create new opportunities for growth. 

How do science and technology impact our world?

Science and technology are everywhere. Everything in our world has been impacted by science and technology and everything once began as just an idea. Now, there are innovations that we can’t imagine our lives without. We depend on new technology every day and are in constant search of a better alternative. 

Science and technology are irreplaceable and intricately intertwined with everything we do, touch, and interact with in our lives. That’s why we emphasize connecting the sciences together in all of our programs. IE School of Science and Technology pushes students to go deeper into other subjects such as chemistry and physics. Students not only gain essential knowledge and training in their individual programs but also learn what else is out there—what’s on the horizon and how it is going to impact us. Discovery is a part of IE School of Science and Technology’s DNA.

Our programs combine computing and data science with anything from finance, to cognitive science, energy and healthcare to ensure our students have a unique and in-demand mindset for a front-row seat to success. Industry priorities have changed and we’re staying ahead of the curve. At IE School of Science and Technology, we’re working towards developing a new tech hub in Europe that will raise the bar for science and technology. At the intersection of business leadership and technological thinking, our students can not only solve tough problems, but also solve the right ones in an evolving world.

IE School of Science and Technology leading innovation 

You can’t learn to innovate without knowing what’s needed. We don’t look at the sciences as disconnected areas of focus—traditional STEM education doesn’t prepare students sufficiently for the real world. Instead, we believe in bringing the sciences together to unlock more possibilities and ways of thinking. This broader vision of science and technology encourages interdisciplinary connections to be made across subjects to enhance students’ understanding of how the world works and open their minds to possibilities.  These connections spark a curiosity—a curiosity that leads to innovation. IE University students have a natural instinct for filling in the gaps with new and better solutions. They find problems and craft their own solutions, and a key part of this is being skilled in leadership, decision-making and influence. 

Programs at IE University prime students to create their own success and become leaders to a better tomorrow. Whether they’re bachelor’s, master’s or executive master’s students, they’re on the frontline of what it means to be cutting-edge in our ever-expanding globalized world.  Being an IE University student and being business-minded go hand-in-hand. Many IE University graduates go on to found their own startups or kick start careers in roles that didn’t exist ten years ago. With a network of emerging industry leaders, expert faculty and hands-on labs to test out ideas in real time, opportunities in technology are just around the corner at IE School of Science and Technology.

Making an impact starts with science and technology. Let’s see where they can take us.