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The Communications Lab at IE University provides a bridge between students’ academic experience and the professional world. Committed to creating high-quality content for real clients, the Lab allows students to explore their creative side while giving them valuable professional experience to complement their CVs.

This year, IE University’s Marketing Department challenged students at the Communications Lab to produce a series of videos on life in Segovia. The brief was to “sell Segovia to future students through the eyes of a current student.” Participants were asked to work in teams to present, in short videos, their own take on the IE University experience in this historic and beautiful city.

Hands-on from start to finish

One of the aims of the Communications Lab is to enable students to produce professional-quality content. Working with cutting-edge equipment of the same standard used in the professional sphere, Lab participants get practical experience of the entire process, from pre-production to delivery. 

Communications Lab director Diana Gomez Pascual explained the process. Students meet their clients in real briefings, staying in touch with them and managing pre-production—scripting and storyboarding—through filming, to post-production editing and product delivery. It’s hands-on from the very beginning. Having such practical experience on their CVs makes a real difference when it comes to applying for internships, says Gomez Pascual. The Lab works with any type of client, from private companies to nonprofit organizations and public institutions.

While pre-production would normally involve getting to know the client, planning their work and defining the product, for this project students were already well familiarized with their subject matter. And the final films certainly demonstrate not just the affection they all have for Segovia itself, but the skills they’ve gained at the Communications Lab. There’s also a strong personal element too, as each film portrays a different idea of what it means to live in the old city and study at IE University.

Different perspectives on Segovia

It’s not just how the city is seen that the films showcase; there are a wide variety of creative approaches across the teams. The film “Scenery,” for example, takes us on a literal walk through Segovia—starting at the famous Roman aqueduct, moving onto the cathedral and Alcazar, and ending with a sunset in the mountains. Meanwhile “Athletics” focuses on student activities in the city, and “The Village Residence” shows us the students’ living quarters.

The film “Fun” opens with an almost painterly view of the city, describing a day in the life of an IE University student beyond their studies: sitting in cafes with friends, hiking, and browsing the local shops. In “Fun,” every day is an adventure.

Athletics” shows us some of the many extracurricular activities available at IE University, keeping students physically active and part of a team. Production-team members Maria and Victor talk about basketball and football at IE University, and the quality of the university’s equipment and teams. It’s an eloquent reflection on the value of teamwork, another important element of the Communications Lab initiative.

“Creativity Center” takes us through the creativity center at the Segovia campus and what it represents to the students. It´s a place for them to disconnect, express their creativity, and share with other students.

In between classes and work schedules, students also need space to relax and engage their artistic side. “The Village” presents life at IE University in a documentary-style “day in the life” format, showing student Carmen rushing to class—luckily, it’s only seven minutes away!

The main course

The winning film “Food,” put together by a team who called themselves G3, takes the form of a news broadcast. Our host travels around the city in search of the top three places to eat in Segovia. We’re taken through breakfast, lunch and dinner in the city, with a quick intermission for a siesta, of course! “Food” shows us Segovia’s rich variety of tapas and cañas, an essential part of student leisure days.

G3 team member Emiliana Botero, a Bachelor in Communications & Digital Media student, says she joined the Communications Lab because she wanted to get an experience of how a job in the industry works. She was attracted by the opportunity to work with real clients and create any type of marketing and publicity that they needed. She says the Lab is hands-on and busy but gives people space to express their creativity.

The teams had a lot of fun in the process, according to Emiliana. “We had so much freedom to express ourselves and our creative ideas throughout this project that it made the entire experience fun and enjoyable. Not once did our team feel overwhelmed and tired, because we all enjoyed every step of the process,” she concluded. 

Lab director Diana Gomez Pascual would certainly be pleased to hear Emiliana’s summary of the outcome. “If during the last day of the Lab, in the closing ceremony, the students are having fun with each other, feel proud of their work and achievements, and feel part of the CommLab family, I would feel rewarded. I would consider that my work has been done,” she told us.

Our congratulations to all the teams, in particular G3: Emiliana, Maria Laura Merino, Blanca López, Jade Mirna Klat, Aya Safieddine and Paul Kwon.

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