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At IE University School of Human Sciences and Technology, we understand that communication has fundamentally changed in recent times—and with that, so must our approach to teaching.

In light of the current global situation, we understand that it’s more important than ever before to be mindful of ourselves and others. That’s why, in our Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, we focus on providing teaching which reflects the individual reality of students, making our programs more personalized, relevant, and valuable.

The professional field of communication and digital media has always been in a constant state of evolution, but the past twelve months have witnessed an even more rapid shift in communication strategies. The current working environment is in a vastly different state to the one which existed only a few short years ago. This presents young professionals with the daunting task of beginning their careers in this unknown reality and adapting to the ever-developing global environment.


Luckily for students at IE University, we prioritize preparing them for their future careers, adapting our style of teaching to perfectly imitate the working environment into which they will be heading. Thanks to our unique Liquid Learning model, students are able to access the best online and on-campus learning environments.

Liquid Learning

When studying the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, we aim to equip students with the essential life skills to adapt to the hybrid online and physical world. This is why we have developed the Liquid Learning model. By combining the two realities in our teaching methods, students not only receive intensive professional training, but also gain essential life skills.

The Liquid Learning model is a flexible and innovative approach to education, providing students with a collaborative, active, and applied learning experience, and a personalized study path. By balancing a blend of both online and in-person classes, our teaching model emulates the reality of the modern working world.

Leading with empathy

In this program, we believe empathy should be the backbone of all working environments—both while at university, and in the professional sphere. For this reason, we create all of our modules with a focus on empathy, and better understanding our colleagues and the world around us.


Within the Liquid Learning model, classes are often delivered with some students present in the classroom, and others connected remotely. To help students adapt to this combined approach, while also optimizing their ability to communicate empathetically, we encourage them to practice delivering and receiving feedback in remote hybrid teams. In providing feedback for their classmates, they are able to develop skills in empathetic communication and learn how to build strong professional relationships.

In addition to constructively critiquing other students’ work, we also aim for students to understand and reflect upon their own learning. For this reason, students on this program undergo a dedicated task of self-reflection, keeping a series of logbooks. In these logbooks, they document their successes and failures on the program, reflecting on their creative practices.

For Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media student Virginia, one of the program’s biggest takeaways was the ability to lead with empathy. “I believe it’s at the core of any work environment and any business, as it’s essential to connect and understand people in order to build long-lasting relationships,” Virginia said.

Creativity is key

In the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, creativity is one of the most vital skills for our students to develop. That’s why all of the modules on this program promote a creative approach to learning and communication. We encourage students to thrive in ambiguity and think of innovative solutions to problems, preparing them to become resourceful and resilient professionals in their future careers.

One of the key aspects of this program is Creative Confidence, in which we tackle topics of self-awareness, empathy, visual thinking, encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zones and embrace failure.

creativity day

Freedom to fail

One of the most important lessons for a young professional to learn is how not to shy away from failure—it’s a fundamental part of academic and professional growth! Learning from past mistakes and growing is vital for young professionals, especially in the creative field of digital media and communication.

This is why we have dedicated an entire module to prototyping and freedom to fail. In this class, we encourage students to take up a new skill, such as drawing, dancing, baking, or weightlifting. They must document their progress—both the ups and the downs—and reflect upon how they’ve been able to grow. We encourage students to become familiar with the process of failing, reflecting, and trying again. Speaking about her experience in the class, student Marta admitted that “failure is part of our lives, and in fact, is part of success.”

For students studying the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, we aim to provide a well-rounded and intuitive learning experience, which will equip students not only for the professional realities of the working world, but for their personal futures. With our Liquid Learning model, students have been able to creatively embrace the hybrid digital world in which we live. Now it’s your turn!

Ellen Buckland: Professor of the Bachelor in Communications & Digital Media