Talent & Careers are proud to publish their Career Report for the Class of 2018. IE University is a top-leading institution with a innovative vision.

Students at IE University are encouraged to break through boundaries, push themselves to reach their potential, and create their own unique paths to success. Our esteemed faculty of academics and practitioners have designed our bachelor programs with both our students and the current professional landscape in mind. 

It is for these reasons that our students are able to go on and become game-changing professionals in their respective fields. No challenge is too big for an IE University student; and whichever path they may choose, their time at IE University will have undoubtedly set them up for a career filled with success and prosperity.

To help students reach their goals, Talent & Careers provides individuals with the resources and mentoring needed to successfully launch their careers. The team understands the importance for individuality, and they help guide students along their own unique paths, whether it may be entrepreneurial, managerial, or pursuing further education.

IE University’s Talent & Careers offers graduates access to exclusive job-finding resources thanks to an extensive network of global employers. At IE University, we understand that entering the job market can be both highly competitive and difficult to navigate (especially in today’s current climate). We are proud to see that the community spirit we encourage on campus continues to have a positive impact on our students’ lives even after their studies.

The Career Report annually published by Talent & Careers offers an interesting insight into information regarding the employability of our graduates. The Report features statistics including employability by sector, as well as success stories from both our entrepreneurs and graduates working in large corporate organizations.

As Carlos Díaz Rodríguez, Director of IE University Talents & Careers, shares in the report, “[…] our graduates are in strong demand in the labor market;” and rather impressively, Talent & Careers are proud to report that 95% of IE University’s Class of 2018 job seekers reported they are currently working, many receiving employment offers before graduation. Companies and organizations that made offers to our Class of 2018 include: Santander, Google, Nike, Chanel, Amazon, and Morgan Stanley.

Career Report Talent & Careers

While most students chose to follow their dreams of working for large firms, 5% of students pursued an entrepreneurial path and started their own businesses. The Report features six entrepreneurial success stories from the Class of 2018 and highlights how the entrepreneurial spirit we encourage at IE University has helped these students become successful in their own right, no matter which degree they study.

With fifteen bachelor programs offered at IE University and the help of Career Services, graduates are able to find employment in a wide range of sectors. For the Class of 2018, the top three employment sectors were: finance; consulting; and technology, media, and telecommunications.

IE University thrives on its widely international environment and encourages its students to embrace intercultural experiences. Students are able to understand the value of learning within a multicultural environment thanks to there being over 130 nationalities on campus, more than 65 languages spoken, and our student population being more than 75% international. From the Class of 2018, a staggering 43% of graduates are currently working outside their country of origin. 

In addition, IE University encourages students to get involved in clubs and activities to help them take their studies further. Clubs and activities offered at IE University help students to discover new interests and ignite their passions in a stimulating and innovative environment. As a consequence, 25% of the Class of 2018 chose to continue their higher education. 

The Talent & Careers Report accurately portrays the ambitious mindset our students develop from day one and clearly demonstrates the unwavering enthusiasm and passion they put into everything they do. This is exactly why they are the next generation of global change-makers who are undoubtedly already creating an impact in all aspects of their professional lives.