Flash Mentorship takes IE University by storm! The inaugural edition of this unique event gathered young alumni and alumni mentors for a thrilling session of networking, career advice and coffee.

IE Global Alumni Relations recently hosted the first-ever edition of a new and exciting initiative designed to guide and support IE University students, even long after graduation. The event, called Flash Mentorship, was held on January 21 under the theme of “Making 2023 your best professional year yet.”

This groundbreaking event is further proof of IE University’s commitment to its students and their future in the real world of work. Leveraging its extensive global network of alumni, IE University assembled professionals from a wide range of industries to connect and learn from each other’s experiences, both in their careers and in the workplace.

Inside the Flash Mentorship event

Flash Mentorship is a one-of-a-kind networking event that bridges the gap between young alumni and alumni mentors, bringing them together in the heart of Madrid. It takes on an interesting format—one where the alumni mentors rotate between groups of young alumni mentees for short, informative sessions. Think of it like speed dating, but geared toward your career development. 

Armed with just a name tag, their engaging personalities and tons of valuable career advice, each mentor paired with their first group of five young alumni for an eight-minute discussion before moving on to the next. They tackled a variety of topics to help mentees flourish despite the fast-evolving labor market. This included everything from what skills they should focus on developing this year, to tips to be confident and decisive in the workplace while remaining likable and much more. 

Needless to say, the inaugural Flash Mentorship event was a resounding success. A total of 19 alumni participated in the event, with most having completed their bachelor’s degrees at IE University. 

Apart from networking and enjoying the opportunity to learn from each other, attendees also sampled some tasty specialty espressos and a selection of breakfast items—making Arabay Coffee the perfect venue for the event. They also learned how latte art is made, observing the experts who used only steamed milk and coffee to make beautiful designs. The most popular motif, of course, featured the IE University logo floating on the surface of the delicious brews.

Spotlight on The Mentorship Society

That said, there are plenty of other opportunities for students to learn from each other’s experiences. The Mentorship Society is at the forefront of these efforts. It’s an extracurricular activity that allows volunteer student mentors to take first-year students under their wing. 

Through the Society, incoming students gain a trusted guide to take them through the hoops, acquiring valuable information about life at IE University. It also serves as an ideal entry into the IE Community: new students meet people and make friends even before their classes begin. 

Opportunities to Learn and Grow 

All in all, the Flash Mentorship event started off on the right foot, proving its potential to become another premier networking forum for the IE Alumni community. Through it, participants are sure to get plenty of opportunities to visualize their future careers, refine their skill set and make global connections that expand their professional horizons.