Gone are the days when only IT and statistician positions were available— Data and business analytics is completely innovating across many sectors.

Data and Business Analytics is one of IEU’s most eminent bachelor programs. Before jumping in, you may be wondering what kind of a professional future awaits you after graduation. Gone are the days when only IT and statistician positions were available—data and business analytics is completely innovating across many sectors. The demand for data science degree holders is tangible. All it takes is a quick search online to see that this trending field is in high demand by employers, so let’s take a look at some of the new career paths that you can count on once you graduate.

  •    For the problem solver: Solutions Architect

This job involves daily problem solving, analyzing and making recommendations about anything from what could be the most cost-effective way to develop a new business program or finding the missing pieces in an existing project. Solutions architects work in business intelligence, building new analytical pathways from scratch for startups, enhancing an already-implemented analysis on buying trends for online retailers or even streamlining the logistics path for a manufacturer. Making good recommendations based on your findings isn’t always easy, which is why our program trains students to think with a well-rounded business mind.

  • For the creative builder: Urban Planner

Have you ever wondered about why some cities seem easier to get around than others? Or what relationship exists between the amount of parks in a city and how many people use public transportation? Data scientists who work in urban planning toy with these ideas every day and the need for analytical thinkers who understand how to apply projection models to human behavior is highly desired. A program with strong attention to behavioral sciences and their relationship with big data analysis is the best foundation for this career path.

  •    For the analyst: Research Engineer

How and why organizations decide to take on new engineering processes is in part due to the work of a research engineer. Planning, testing and evaluating are all key elements in this field and a degree in data science gives you a leg up on the competition. Your work as a researcher can be used to develop new materials for a technology company or applied to a new tool that can be used in agricultural advancement. Research engineers use critical thinking skills, teamwork and project management to conduct the best analyses possible for their companies.

  •    For the mathematician: Quantitative Analyst

Analysts with experience in statistics are revolutionizing industries that rely on human behavioral data related to finance. Previously considered as a risk-management job in the financial sector, companies are now realizing that profiles in big data assessment, especially when coupled with advanced degrees, can be applied to almost every aspect of finance, including portfolio management for big clients and trading models.

Quantitative Analyst
  •    For the forward thinker: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Last but certainly not least on our list of top new data science jobs is artificial intelligence, a booming sector in its own right. Studies in data science and math will open doors for you in the world of AI, that is, making intelligent machines that can interact with humans and other machines. AI is everywhere and the folks who create and maintain these programs are in high demand. That’s where you come in! Biomedical engineering firms, gaming developers and marketing companies are just a few of the places you could end up with a degree focused on data science.

Understanding how data shapes our world is revolutionizing industries and there’s truly no better time to be studying such a cutting-edge science. The skills you need when combined with a top-tier alumni community will set you up for success after graduating. Whether you end up working for a research and design firm creating new and improved ways to assess stats, or in a hospital building tools that help healthcare professionals, one thing is true, you will be building a better tomorrow.

AI Artificial Intelligence