You might be wondering what to do once you’ve finished your undergraduate degree. As a student at IE University, your options are endless. Everyone will have their own ideas of where they want to steer their path next. While for some, entering the job market is the obvious choice, others may wish to move on to a graduate program.

There are many reasons to pursue a master’s degree. Most students choose to do so to improve their career prospects, while others return to studying for the chance to complete a more challenging and advanced program. We believe they’re the best way to dive into a subject you love and enhance your career prospects at the same time.

Studying for employment

Our student body at IE University is made up of a wide range of nationalities, and our students go on to work in jobs across the entire globe. However, it’s tricky to focus on one set of statistics for employment. Instead, what we should focus on is the ways in which completing a master can increase your employability.

A master’s degree can facilitate your transition into employment. Specializing in your chosen field will be an invaluable asset that recruiters are looking for. A master’s degree can be used as a valuable stepping stone to reaching your career goals. Nowadays, it’s more and more common for young professionals to have a bachelor’s degree. However, what sets an individual apart is their willingness to grow and expand their skill set. By doing a master, it shows a willingness for self-improvement which will help you to reach new career heights in the future.

Also, a master’s program is a great opportunity to grow your network. Pursuing a specialized program alongside successful, like-minded individuals opens you up to a world of new contacts. This will make a huge difference when entering the job market as the connections you make can guide you in the right direction. Your professors will also be able to lead you to other top-leading professionals in the field, expanding your network even further.

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Studying for personal development

Of course, it’s not all about academic achievement; continuing your education also makes way for personal development. By nature, a master’s program places a lot of emphasis on individual study, allowing the student to take charge of their learning and self-motivation. While this is an incredibly useful tool to develop, employers also recognize this as a valuable attribute in their employees.

A master’s degree encourages lifelong learning and flexibility. Students have the option to complete a full-time or part-time program, allowing them the flexibility to work around their other commitments. Students can study online or on campus, depending on what stage they’re at in their lives.

Masters at IE University

There are 18 master’s degrees offered at IE University across a diverse range of fields. From Architectural Management and Design, to Cybersecurity, Real Estate Development, and International Relations, there are plenty of options for students wishing to continue their studies.

We also offer these different formats so that students can tailor their studies to their own schedule. The majority of our master’s programs are 10 months long, but there are also 15-month-long programs (for example, the Master in Global Taxation). Of course, if you opt to study part-time, the program will last longer.

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Our master’s programs also maintain a practice-based approach to learning, ensuring our students gain the necessary experience in their field of choice. Our programs use a combination of theory and practice to allow students to apply their knowledge to real-world situations, working alongside esteemed experts. This way, they are able to progress both academically and professionally.