Globalization has transformed the legal sector at a fundamental level. We live in a continuously evolving business environment, with changes in one region able to impact business worldwide.

This dynamic context—compounded by our current, especially volatile situation—means there is a high demand for a new type of lawyer. With a specialized international skill set, these individuals are able to understand the complexities of their own legal systems, while also possessing the tools to impact different legal systems and jurisdictions.  

Through its numerous agreements with international universities, IE University’s Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) trains you for impact at a global level—in whatever specific context you choose. During the degree, you can select from various career tracks, which allows you to graduate with the specific skill set to practice law around the world, in either the public or private sphere.  

During the first three years of your Bachelor of Laws, you will study the foundation of law using IE University’s distinctive comparative law methodology. From then on, you will have the opportunity to select a specialized career track, which can even open the door to studying at one of our partner universities. Here are your options: 

  • Become a global lawyer at IE University 

What exactly is a “global lawyer”? Put simply, a global lawyer is someone who is prepared for a borderless, globalized legal profession. A global lawyer requires a unique set of skills and experiences to work across jurisdictions and practice law in different countries around the world. By choosing this track, you will continue to study at IE University in your fourth year and graduate in Spain. 

  • Specialize in Spanish Business Law at IE University 

This track will also see you complete your degree in four years at IE University. The key difference is you will spend your fourth year focusing on the finer details of Spanish law, preparing yourself to practice law in a Spanish law firm or business.  

  • Graduate with a Master of Laws degree from King’s College London 

This pioneering program allows you to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Laws (LL.B.) from IE University and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from King’s College, all in four years! You will spend your fourth year at King’s College London learning about the UK legal system and missing the Spanish sun. 

  • Study a Master of Laws or JD from Northwestern University 

This track will allow you to study at one of the most prestigious universities in North America. You will graduate with an LL.B. from IE University and choose between studying an LL.M. and graduating in four years and studying a J.D and graduating in five years.  

  • Graduate with a Licenciatura en Derecho from ITAM in Mexico 

After three years at IE University, you will study at ITAM in Mexico City for two years and graduate with an understanding of different legal systems around the world and a focus on global business.  

  • Practice law in India 

Open exclusively to Indian nationals, this program opens the door for students to become lawyers in India. After completing the LL.B. and LL.M at IE University in five years, you will be eligible to enroll with the State Bar Council of India and the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) to become a practicing lawyer in India.  

Our changing world is rife with opportunity and there are incredible careers awaiting those who have the tools and mindsets to take advantage of them. Our career tracks are more than capable of leading you to your desired destination. All that’s left is to ask yourself, “where do I want to go?”  

For more information regarding our partnership agreements with different universities, click here.