The importance of great professors cannot be underestimated. The transformative power they have can help lift a student to reach new academic heights. But what makes a professor great? Is it just based on their knowledge? Or is there more to it than that?

At IE University, we believe we have the answer. We have over 500 professors across our 5 schools and each member of our expert faculty is a highly experienced member of their own professional community. As pioneers of academic excellence, they are the single most powerful force behind improved student performance.

Every day, our professors strive:

To inspire

For professors to inspire students, they themselves need to be passionate about what they teach. Passionate teaching steers the path towards innovative learning. Our professors dedicate themselves to being fully engaged in their work and are drawn to the issues and challenges that present themselves in their profession. The passion they bring to the learning environment is infectious and our students learn to embrace their studies and emulate such drive and fascination.

International Exchange

To impact

For professors to have an impact, they must get to know their students and what teaching methods work best for them. This is why we always have small classroom sizes at IE University, allowing our professors to have the chance to build a strong relationship with each individual student.

But, there’s more to it than just teaching. Our professors want to make a long-lasting impact on their students which they will then carry with them for life. Our faculty go above and beyond the classroom, offering students the chance to develop connections to the professional world. As each member of our faculty is also an esteemed professional in their respective fields, they are able to open our students up to a whole world of connections and share their network with their students.

Human Rights Seminar

To guide

In addition, by being active members in their professional communities, our faculty have first-hand knowledge on how to approach the competitive job market. Whether it’s helping on an internship application, or preparing students for their first professional job, our professors are able to offer their invaluable knowledge. Taking it one step further, with their abundance of experience, they are able to offer personalized, tailored assistance to students, depending on the student’s chosen career path.

IE Law Students

Students at IE University are already ambitious, high-achieving individuals. Nevertheless, there is always room for growth and a nudge in the right direction can go a long way for career success. This is where our professors step in to help give students the final push they need to reach their goals.

Our expert faculty underpin the university’s core values: technological immersion and a culture of innovation, an entrepreneurial mindset, humanities to understand the world, and diverse nationalities, cultures, and ideas. They understand the importance of such values and strive to instill the same vision in their students. This is how our students at IE University go on to pursue highly successful careers.