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Regardless of the career path you have in mind for your future—or indeed, may even have already embarked on—keen business acumen is essential. With it, you’ll have the savvy to make the most of your natural talents and drive professional success in an evolving landscape.

An entrepreneurial approach underpins every one of IE University’s programs, even those in subjects like fashion design or international relations, and that’s not a coincidence; business skills matter.

Anybody competing for a role in the labor market, launching their own startup, or looking to make an impact within their existing organization has a much greater likelihood of success if they can think strategically, understand organizational dynamics and inform their decision-making with sound financial management. That’s where the Certificate in Business Fundamentals comes in.

Five intensive weeks

Designed specifically for undergraduate students looking to carve an impactful career or pivot into a new path, the Certificate in Business Fundamentals takes place over five weeks every summer. With this certificate, delivered in a flexible format, you’ll have demonstrable proof of your core business skills and knowledge. What’s more, you’ll have gained practical experience through a capstone project, working hands-on to address a real problem for a real business.

“This certificate not only enhances your skills but provides a robust foundation in modern business principles,” says Lucía Egea, the program’s academic director. Lucía has over 20 years of experience in C-suite-level finance, business development, strategy and entrepreneurship. For over 10 years, she’s also helped mold tomorrow’s business leaders through online teaching. “Invest in your future,” she urges, “and unlock a world of opportunities in today’s competitive business landscape.”

IE University Certificates

From finance to strategy

The certificate’s curriculum is a comprehensive roadmap geared to steering you through the complexities of modern business. You’ll learn Accounting for Decision Making to gain an in-depth understanding of financial statements, budgeting and cost analysis that informs your financial decisions. Meanwhile, in Marketing 101, you’ll explore market research, project development, pricing strategy and various promotion and distribution channels.

In Foundations of Strategy, you’ll discover strategic planning, competitive analysis and decision-making processes, gaining the valuable skill to align your organizational goals with prevailing market conditions. And with soft skills more highly sought-after by businesses than ever before, you’ll cover those too in Building & Leading Effective Teams. This class will let you explore how to create, manage and lead teams to high performance.

Finally, you’ll bring everything you’ve learned together in your capstone project. Choose to either address a specific problem a real business is experiencing, conduct original research or develop your own business plan. In the process, you’ll demonstrate your practical problem-solving abilities, as well as your readiness to make an impact in business, to recruiters and potential employers.

Blend your expertise

The Certificate in Business Fundamentals is just one of our four summer certification programs. You can combine it with our Certificate in Creative Problem Solving for Business to gain a Proficiency Diploma in Business Fundamentals to build transformative skills and a global perspective of the business arena.
As a stepping-stone to both personal and professional advancement, the Certificate in Business Fundamentals is highly focused, carefully structured, flexible and practical. It’s a holistic exploration of the core skills that you need now if you want to make your mark in business. Discover more here.