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"A new paradigm,Where equality is a constant climb, Worth the lifetime,For both him and her, And you and I.” (Pass It On, IE University)

Today and every day, IE University celebrates the incredible contributions women have made towards creating a better, more just world. We encourage all our students to develop their skills, inspire confidence, and be the positive driving force behind empowering future generations to carry on this legacy. Our female students at IE University never fail to inspire us—they are diverse, strong, and most importantly, they know no boundaries.

We must break down the notion that power belongs solely to men and remind ourselves that each and every individual has the capacity to become whoever they want to be, no matter their gender. It is with this mindset of positive empowerment that our students are able to break down barriers and create long-lasting inspiration for those around them. With this in mind, we have devised an International Women’s Day schedule, to bring to life the empowerment of women and allow our students to celebrate one another on this special day.

Students working collaboratively in the classroom

At the forefront of our 2019 celebrations is our Pass It On project which was created in order to highlight the uniqueness of every woman. The project encourages all women at IE University to spread their wings and create their own legacy. The project includes a poem which touches upon important topics, such as equal pay, stigmatization, and integration, and it reminds us how each and every woman is inspiring in her own way; that no matter what they set their mind on, nothing will stop them from getting there. This is what we wish to convey today and every day at IE University. As such, the video will be shown throughout the day at both IE University campus locations, reminding our women just how powerful they are.

In addition, at both campus locations in Segovia and Madrid, special events will be held throughout the day to allow students to truly embrace this important celebration. Conversations such as ‘the Future of Work,’ ‘Female Talent in Global Organizations,’ and ‘Tips & Tricks for Acing your Job Interview’ are on offer to all students where they will have the opportunity to listen and take part in discussions with some incredibly influential women.

Innovative University

The conversations will be a time for students to come together and learn from successful women who have some very inspirational stories to tell. It is the chance for students to network and uncover a whole community of like-minded women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of leading female professionals.

The celebrations are taken one step further with cocktail lunches also being held in both Segovia and Madrid. Here, different conversations and workshops have been organized to help us celebrate International Women’s Day.

Carla Costa

However, at IE University, International Women’s Day doesn’t stop after today. Pass It On, together with the IE Women Initiative, will continue to provide women’s mentoring programs and research, international events, networking opportunities, and exclusive scholarships. We will never forget the power of women and we hope that the celebrations held today will continue to resonate through the halls at IE University and create a long-lasting mindset, inspiring female empowerment each and every day. This is what helps to make IE University the diverse place it is, and we thank each and every individual for helping us achieve this.