IEU Experience


Architecture student Tomomi shares with us her unforgettable experience studying abroad for a semester at Northeastern University in Boston, U.S.A.

Many of our IE University students come to study from all over the world, making our campus a cultural hub where innovative ideas and diverse points of view are abundant. Although students can learn a lot from the peers on campus, we encourage them to study abroad in another country and learn from new life experiences far from the comforts of our Madrid and Segovia campuses. Tomomi, a student in our Bachelor in Architectural Studies program, decided to head to Boston where he studied at Northeastern University. Not only did he learn a lot about the States and thrive from the courses he took there, but he also learned a lot about himself.

Tomomi IE Architecture Student

I went on an exchange to Northeastern University in Boston during the first semester of my third year. I must admit that I was excited, but scared at the same time. Yet, I wanted to challenge myself and learn more about American culture. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience where I acquired a deeper and broader understanding of a culture which is unlike the Asian and European cultures which I was born and raised in, respectively.

Comparing the education style and level of other study abroad programs, I was satisfied with the fact that IE University was able to offer me the chance to choose Northeastern as the place where I could continue with my architectural studies abroad. I chose this university in particular for its location in Boston and the many course-related opportunities it had to offer.

I would undoubtedly recommend that students go on an exchange since I had the time of my life while living in Boston, something I would never have never experienced if I hadn’t took a risk and went.

I truly treasure those few months that I spent in Boston at Northeastern. When I look back on it, there’s always something new that I can take from my time abroad and I am so grateful for the experience. Even if everything did not always go as planned during my time there, the overwhelming amount of excitement it offered made it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me during my time at IE University.