IEU Experience


At IE University, learning never stops. The immersive extracurricular activities built into our programs, the unmatched opportunities to secure internships at leading global companies and the diversity of our student body all come together to create a culture that celebrates growth.

Now, you can accelerate your personal and professional development while making the most of your vacation with our intensive summer certificates. They typically take place over five weeks in Madrid and online, providing an outstanding opportunity to invest in your own future. There are four certificates to choose from, each designed to provide the skills, knowledge and practical expertise to put you front and center in a competitive labor market:

Certificate in Business Fundamentals

This comprehensive certificate imparts the foundations that modern business requires. Carefully curated for undergrad students or anybody looking to make a career pivot, it not only enhances the skills that matter—you’ll also be able to demonstrate your practical expertise to potential employers.

In the Certificate in Business Fundamentals, you’ll cover Accounting for Decision Making, helping you leverage your financial skills to inform business strategy. Marketing 101 will let you dive into market research, product development, pricing strategy and brand-building. In Foundations of Strategy, you’ll explore the skills and knowledge needed to harness competitive advantage. You’ll also discover the key to Building and Leading Effective Teams, before bringing everything together in a practical capstone project that shows your readiness to add value to any organization.

Certificate in Creative Problem Solving for Business

Geared toward ambitious undergraduate students keen on disrupting the world of business with new ideas, this program will unleash your potential and empower you to make an impact.

The Certificate in Creative Problem Solving for Business is dynamic and highly practical, providing today’s most in-demand business skills. You’ll cultivate a highly creative, strategic mindset in a program that runs through the discrete phases of design thinking.

You will start with an introduction to Design Methodologies and Discovery then dig into the Discovery Phase, where you’ll explore user empathy and the spatial experience. In the Define Phase, you’ll transform raw data into actionable insights and learn how to communicate them effectively. Then, in the Define to Develop Phase, you’ll master creating customer journeys before moving to the Develop to Delivery Phase.

Finally, you’ll put theory into practice in an interactive capstone project, receiving valuable feedback on your design methodology project from industry experts and peers.

Certificate in Data Science

The Certificate in Data Science is a comprehensive exploration of the world of data analytics, machine learning and AI. Tailored for final-year college students or anybody looking to launch a career in the sector, you won’t need prior data science experience to succeed in this program.

Over an intensive five weeks, you’ll take a journey through the full data lifecycle, learning to acquire, clean, structure, store, manipulate, analyze and visualize data from diverse sources to address even the most complex business challenges. From Python Coding, through Probability and Statistics, Data Wrangling and its Acquisition in SQL, to Data Analysis and Visualization, you’ll go way beyond the basics of the discipline. 

You’ll also dive into Machine Learning in Python, Deep Learning, Big Data and even Ethics in Data Science, before consolidating your learnings in a hands-on capstone project, where you’ll tackle a real-world problem and present your findings. These are essential and highly sought-after skills in our digitalized business ecosystem, applicable in general operations, marketing, product development, project management and more.

Certificate in Environmental Data Science

If you want to leverage data to address environmental and sustainability challenges, with a particular focus on geospatial analysis, this is the program for you. The Certificate in Environmental Data Science combines the power of data science and AI in confronting the most pressing issues facing humanity, using a practical approach that will equip you to make an immediate impact in the sphere.

You’ll explore ecosystems, biodiversity and climate change in the program’s foundational course, before moving on to Environmental Data Analytics, where you’ll learn to gather, analyze and interpret data on land use, air quality, water resources and more. In Geospatial Analysis & Applications, you’ll see how Geographic Information Systems can be used to inform environmental research and decision-making. 

A game-changing experience

With their focus on rigor and experiential learning, IE University’s summer certificates open doors. Each imparts a holistic, well-rounded skill set that employers across industries and sectors are looking for. With these credentials, you’ll be able to define your own future and carve a unique path to professional success. 

Invest in your future with a prestigious certificate from IE University. Discover more here.