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The IE Foundation, through IE University’s Financial Aid office, provides selective scholarships for talented and promising students who exemplify our values and educational vision

We interviewed Gabriela Moncada, Coordinator of the IE Collaboration Award Program, to learn about the opportunity to receive the IE Collaboration Award Scholarship. She explains what the IE Scholarship Committee is looking for in their future collaborators and what receiving the award entails.

Take a look to see if the IE Collaboration Award Scholarship could be awarded to you.

What is the IE Collaboration Award?

The IE Collaboration Award Scholarship offers financial aid to aspiring, talented individuals in exchange for their collaboration on a project while attending IE University. This project could be related to a wide range of areas from admissions or marketing, to academia or communication. The project will be assigned by the IE Scholarship Committee based on the student’s individual profile. The committee will evaluate the candidate’s previous experience and skills, along with their professional aspirations to be sure to find the best fit. Once assigned, the student will sign a partnership agreement that establishes their role in the project, the tasks they must carry out, the number of hours they must dedicate, and the expected quality of their work. The average time commitment should be around three to five hours per week and should never interfere with the student’s studies.

What are the advantages of this scholarship?

The IE Collaboration Award is more than just a scholarship. Project participants will gain work experience, expand their networks, and grow personally and professionally.

¨Being granted the IE University Collaboration Award has helped me in many ways. Firstly, it gave me the incredible opportunity to continue pursuing my passion for business, always motivating me to perform my best. Additionally, I am part of the admissions department and I am required to talk with families at events, and this has helped me to improve constantly and learn new skills. Specifically, it has really helped me to grow my confidence in public speaking. I’ve built friendships with people I would never have met if it weren’t for this scholarship. ¨

Bachelor in Business Administration student and collaborator Jennifer Winsome

Which students are best suited for this scholarship?

We are looking for motivated, proactive students who are interested in making the most of their university experience. The IE Scholarship Committee evaluates candidates’ personal and academic merit, motivations and interests, as well as their economic need.

When can students apply?

Students can apply after receiving their admission to IE University and before starting their courses. The Financial Aid Office is available to help guide IE Collaboration Award applicants through the process.

What should students do if they have questions?

The Financial Aid Office is here to help! Feel free to contact us at or visit our website.