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The graduation ceremony marks the end of these students’ time at IE University, but in reality it is only the beginning. We would like to wish them luck in everything they do going forward!

On July 5th and 6th, IE University’s graduation ceremony took place, marking the beginning of the next professional stage for students from eight different programs. Over the last three or four years, each of these incredible graduates have worked hard to reach this moment, demonstrating the exact qualities that make our institution so special.

The Class of 2019 in numbers

Whether fighting for gender equality or developing an international outlook, diversity is present in everything we do at IE University—and this can be seen in the numbers of this year’s graduating class. Of the 572 students who attended, 282 were women and 290 were men, representing a total of 55 different nationalities. During their time with us, this incredible mix of minds took part in 361 university exchanges across all seven continents, as well as 471 internships.

Graduacion IE University 2019

And the students themselves are no less impressive. With an average GPA of 7.6, they bring a diverse, highly effective skill set to a number of sectors, with graduates in Architecture, Business Administration, Communication, International Relations, Laws, Psychology, Business Administration and International Relations, and Business Administration and Laws. Given this broad, international focus, it comes as no surprise that 60% have studied one language on top of their native one, 17% have studied two more, and 3% speak four languages in total.

Speeches by the students

At the graduation ceremony, this dynamic student body were represented by four individuals. In their speeches, they shared their experiences, thanked those who helped them along the way, and gave words of advice for all the students present.

Gaya Abu Sitteh, who took part in the Business in Administration program, kicked off her speech by recognizing the diversity of the institution, greeting the crowd in ten different languages, before providing her own words of wisdom for her fellow graduates:

Stop, think about what you want, choose a goal, set a date, and just do it. It will not be easy, and as many of you can confirm, it will only get harder. It will take a lot of determination to make something out of ourselves. But thanks to IE University we have each other.”

This open, honest advice was built upon by Siddharth Choksi, also from the Business in Administration program, who said:

We’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to fail, time and time again. But that’s how we learn and move forward.” He emphasizes his point with a touch of humor, quoting (as he puts it) the “Canadian poet and philosopher, Drake,” who said, “Sometimes it’s about going there, not getting there.

Meanwhile, Psychology graduate Oskar Woehr, focused on the importance of continuing to challenge yourself and grow as you step out into the world. Comparing people to software, he notes that each person has “been upgraded by a bachelor’s degree [which is] perfect to tackle the next steps.” However, to remain professionally satisfied and keep progressing, you have to “upgrade your software” and push yourself to do more.

Rounding off the speeches, Moreen Iminza from the Business Administration and Laws dual degree program, focused on the importance of having vision and working hard to achieve it:

Everything that marks our reality, from the buildings we gather in to the phones we use—even our systems of governance—was once the dream of a pioneering mind, gradually realized through deliberate effort. The past five years have been our gradually unfolding dream to build meaningful relationships, to veer into unknown territory, and of course, to graduate.”

Graduacion IE University 2019

The graduation ceremony marks the end of these students’ time at IE University, but in reality it is only the beginning. We would like to wish them luck in everything they do going forward, and we’re sure they’ll bring the same innovative, conscientious dedication they displayed during their time at IE University to their new professional journey—wherever it takes them.