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Even when faced with challenging circumstances, IE University students are capable of incredible accomplishments.

The recent lockdown may have stopped them from leaving their apartments—but it didn’t limit their ability to create an impact. Now, as we emerge from that period, we can see the incredible projects that our students have been working on during the COVID-19 crisis.

Recently, we sat down and spoke with some of our IE University students who have put the time indoors to the best use possible by hosting their own podcast series. Let’s meet them!



DEGREE STUDIED: Bachelor in Communications and Digital Media, 4th year

This project, by Ecuadorian student Martina Hinojosa, provides a platform to talk about issues that arise in today’s society. The project is a podcast with an associated Instagram account, and was created as a space for reflection and self-appreciation.

What is your project and what is its main purpose? 

My project is a podcast and an Instagram account called Hablando con Amor, or “Talking with Love” in English. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of self love by providing a space to reflect about decisions made and how society has shaped us. I also want to discuss the tendency to pretend we have perfect lives, while in reality we all have problems and aren’t as alone as we think we are.

How did you come up with the idea? Are you doing it alone? 

I came up with the idea a year and a half ago after I went through a difficult period in my life. I thought I was alone but after overcoming the situation and sharing my story, I discovered that many others had similar experiences—something I hadn’t realized at the time. One year later, I decided to take my experience and use it as a tool to help others, and to remind them that they aren’t alone.

Right now, it’s just me but I am planning to have different guests on upcoming episodes.

How do you share it with others?

My podcast is available on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and through seven other platforms. I hope to remind people about the importance of self-love and how you need to love yourself first before loving others.

PODCAST TWO: Waking Youth


DEGREE STUDIED: Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, 4th year

Carlota is a Madrid-based podcaster who is originally from Porto, Portugal. When in her third year of the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, she decided to start a podcast based on a Richard Linklater movie, Waking Life. In the podcast, she encourages goal-driven people to be more active and awake in their everyday lives as they seek to live deliberately.

What is your project and what is its main purpose? 

My project is a podcast inspired by the movie Waking Life by Richard Linklater, about a young man who keeps realizing he’s in endless dreams. While dreaming, he has philosophical conversations with individuals about the meaning of life, consciousness, and the nature of reality. The movie’s central questions are: How do we know we aren’t stuck in a perpetual dream? How can we make sure we are awake?

Waking Youth also started as a dream, albeit a different sort. It was a dream that was growing inside of me, asking to come to life. At first, I didn’t allow myself to dream with my whole heart. However, the more I trusted my inner sun—my inner light—the more I realized I wasn’t dreaming hard enough. I also realized I was often asleep during the day, in the sense of not taking enough action or working to make my dreams come true. 

Speaking in these terms, I’d say Waking Youth is a podcast for young dreamers to make sure they are fully awake. With the podcast, I aim to inspire myself, other purpose-driven students, and young professionals to trust their inner sun, which is represented on the cover art. I encourage them to keep questioning reality and live up to their full creative potential. 

Practically speaking, I invite inspiring, like-minded young individuals to have open and vulnerable conversations around topics that are often considered taboo or delicate. In this way, we inspire listeners to live deliberately.

How did you come up with the idea? Are you doing it alone? 

I came up with the idea for a podcast in the summer of 2019. I was listening to several podcasts and thought it could be cool to start my own. In my group of friends, I’m the one who always tries to turn every chat into a deep conversation. I thought I’d give my friends a break, as all my existential ramblings are now confined to my podcast episodes!

I am doing it alone—alongside the help of my wonderful, courageous guests who are not afraid to be themselves and speak their truth.

What impact has your project had?

Firstly, the project has an impact on myself. It took a few months for me to build the creative confidence to make it come to life. Looking back and seeing what I have accomplished motivates me to keep challenging myself and investing in my creative journey.

My intention is for the podcast to inspire other university students and young professionals to believe in themselves and in their dreams. Too often we compare ourselves to others, we think and feel we are not good enough, or ready enough. I want to be the supportive voice who inspires others to build confidence and believe that once we commit to something every day, we have the ability to make our dreams come to life. 

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The lockdown caused by the recent pandemic was one of the most challenging periods for many people in terms of mental health. It’s thanks to individuals such as Martina and Carlota that we can remain positive and help others during this difficult time.