Every program at IE University is complemented by hands-on experience, molding professionals who stand out for their well-rounded profiles and immersion in the real world. We recently spoke to Joana Rocha Camargo to learn how her academic journey led her to an internship at Novartis.

The Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics prepares you for today’s competitive professional landscape. Thanks to its analytical approach, it imparts the knowledge and skills you need to add value to organizations big and small through effective problem-solving and decision-making. The program also provides access to internship opportunities at leading companies; these play an essential role in preparing you for the future. 

A program complemented by the real world

At IE University, we maintain close ties with numerous industry partners across the globe. They work with us to offer rewarding opportunities for students to learn and build practical skills in real organizations. One of these impressive companies is Novartis, the global pharmaceutical giant where Joana Rocha Camargo recently worked as a data science intern.

Originally from Brazil, Joana is in her third year of the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics. Placements like hers are highly sought after—Joana interned in Novartis’ Digital Finance Hub—as they provide students a chance to explore their chosen career path and gain the necessary skills for success. What’s more, they generate plenty of industry experience to highlight in future job applications. 

We spoke to Joana about her internship and how she feels it will impact her future career. 

How was your experience at Novartis?

My experience was truly amazing and enriching. My colleagues and supervisors were welcoming, friendly and eager to help, especially in teaching coding best practices. Additionally, they played a crucial role in honing my ability to handle situations where teams face challenges in understanding their data. I learned how to assist others in reformatting questions and gaining a deeper grasp of their objectives and goals, contributing to a collaborative and supportive work environment. Working on diverse projects with people from around the world also expanded my skill set and enhanced my insights into applying data and machine learning to various fields and problems.

What challenges did you experience and how did you overcome them?

One challenge was the limited understanding some teams had of their data. To address this, I explained in depth the type of data needed and what it may look like and then offered tips on where to find it.

How did your internship contribute to your personal and professional growth?

The internship contributed to my personal growth by encouraging creativity and diverse problem-solving perspectives. Professionally, it improved my ability to structure code for clarity, adaptability and generalizability to address various problems. Moreover, the freedom I had to handle projects independently empowered me to take ownership and initiative in problem-solving, fostering a sense of autonomy and responsibility.

How did studying at IE University help you during the internship?

My program at IE University prepared me to tackle diverse problems and collaborate with both technical and non-technical clients and colleagues worldwide. It made me more creative at finding solutions and analyzing problems in order to reach the company’s main objectives.

Blending hard and soft skills

Joana made the most of her internship at Novartis, gaining the skills she needs to excel in her future career. When asked to share some words of wisdom for students looking to pursue a similar internship or career path in the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics, Joana’s advice is simple: “Follow your passions, embrace rejection, stay curious and be eager to learn. Work on both technical and soft skills and prioritize effective communication and collaboration. Make an extra effort to understand what you’re learning and always consider how it could be useful for future internships and jobs.” We can’t wait to see what Joana does next!