Segovia is a city of 51,000 inhabitants located in central Spain, in the autonomous region of Castile and Leon. While it might not be the most prolific or well-known area, it is steeped in rich history and a unique small-town charm. Its proximity to Madrid—the nation’s capital—makes it the perfect enclave for students and those that want to be close to the big city but avoid its hustle and bustle.

Segovia at a glance

Segovia is a UNESCO World Heritage site. For lovers of history and culture, this city will be your cup of tea. You can visit the ancient but well-preserved Segovia’s Roman aqueduct, walking in the footsteps of the inhabitants that lived here thousands of years ago. A climb up to the aqueduct itself is a worthwhile trip because you can see the whole city from atop—a gorgeous view, indeed. 

Living in Segovia

It isn’t like any other town; exploring more of Segovia is a must. You might take a walk around Plaza Mayor and further through the city’s winding streets. You’ll also enjoy the Segovia Cathedral, which features stunning Gothic architecture. A few steps away, you will find yourself in front of the Alcázar of Segovia—a medieval castle that is a distinctive part of the city’s landscape. Rumor has it that Walt Disney used it as inspiration when creating Cinderella’s castle! 

You can visit the old Jewish quarter, where you can still see the old city walls that once surrounded it. If you close your eyes, you might even see yourself in those medieval times, walking along the charming cobblestone streets. Afterward, sit in a traditional Spanish restaurant and have some authentic tapas and drinks to quench your thirst.

IE University in Segovia: in the realm of history

IE University’s Segovia campus is located inside an old convent that dates back to 1218. It used to be called the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real and has served many roles over its lifetime— housing a monastery, prison and orphanage, before becoming IE University’s latest campus.

Here, you will study with exceptional teachers who are leading experts in their field. And, although you will be in a building that is almost 1,000 years old, each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. You will be learning alongside students from over 140 nations, making lifelong friends as you undergo a completely authentic campus experience.

Studying in Segovia

In the past, Segovia hasn’t been a popular choice for young students—but that is all starting to change. More and more are flocking to the city because of its charm and proximity to Madrid.  As home to IE University’s campus, Segovia has become an attractive option for students who want a quality education. You’ll learn from qualified professors who are experts in their field, enriching your experience in boundless ways. The slower pace of living in Segovia will give you countless opportunities to connect with your peers and make lifelong friends.

Student life can be fun and filled with adventure too. There are many places to study with friends, both on and around campus. Also, you’ll enjoy the abundance of cute cafes and restaurants in the city center or the charming streets around town—whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a typical, delicious Spanish meal.  Nightlife in the city center is unexpectedly vibrant. If you fancy a night out, you’ll have your choice of charming restaurants and fun, vibrant bars: what better way to enjoy a nice evening than with a glass of tinto de verano and a view of a beautiful castle? And, when you want to explore the big city, Madrid is only a twenty-five-minute train ride away. 

Getting ready

So, you’ve decided to study in Segovia: what’s next?

Before making the move, a checklist of the next logical steps will come in handy. You’ll need a valid passport to travel to Spain. Once you have the university acceptance paperwork, get a student visa. Citizens from the European Union are exempt from this step.  With this in order, book your flights as soon as possible. Research areas to live in because, even though Segovia is a small city, each neighborhood is in high demand. We recommend getting an apartment during summer—before your courses start—to avoid the stress at the beginning of the term. 

When you study in a historical city like Segovia, you will get the best—from endless learning possibilities to a great student life. You will always discover something new, whether you have been living here for one month or one year. It’s an interesting place with boundless opportunities to make your IE University experience unforgettable.