The humanities are one of our core values at IE University—they’re woven into everything we do. While each of our programs takes a humanistic and multidisciplinary approach, we also offer a bachelor’s degree program specifically focused on the humanities. Our Bachelor in Humanities shapes students to be some of the most sought-after professionals in today’s dynamic job market. 

As one of the first of its kind, the Bachelor in Humanities enables graduates to land top positions in companies and organizations across the globe. Based on critical thinking and understanding the world we live in, the program trains students to create meaning and positively contribute to their chosen career path. 

Success is rooted in the humanities

We believe a well-rounded mindset is one of the most valuable skills in the current job market—and we’re not alone. Many big names in today’s most successful companies started their careers with studies in the humanities. 

  • Steve Jobs: The co-founder and former CEO of Apple, who revolutionized technology, was also a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
  • Jack Ma: The high-flying billionaire who co-founded and chaired Alibaba until 2019, when he stepped down, studied for a B.A. in English before he made a name for himself in business. 
  • Susan Wojcicki: Following the completion of her B.A. in History and Literature, business executive Susan Wojcicki became the CEO of YouTube, changing long-form video as we know it. 
  • George Soros: The Hungarian-American billionaire businessman and philanthropist started his career with a BSc in Philosophy. In fact, he valued his humanistic studies so much that he later decided to pursue an M.A. in Philosophy as well. 
  • Martha Nussbaum: With a clear passion for the humanities, having earned a B.A., M.A. and PhD in the field, Martha Nussbaum is now an esteemed ethicist and professor. 
  • Michael Eisner: Renowned entertainment executive Michael Eisner may be best known as the former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, but he also has a B.A. in English under his belt.

So, what does this mean for you? 

The beauty of the Bachelor in Humanities lies in its diversity. With such a broad skill set and knowledge base at hand, you’ll have a range of career opportunities to choose from. 

Your journey in the Bachelor in Humanities is unique, designed to nurture your creativity no matter what that might look like. With this in mind, the job prospects available to you are just as unique. With roles in education, writing and editing, PR, marketing, nonprofit work, research,  culture or any other creative field, you can completely tailor your career to fit your interests. Some specific jobs and roles may include consultant, HR manager, cultural institution manager, marketing and communications specialist or UX researcher. 

You’ll also have the chance to put your creative muscle to the test during the program by experimenting with different mediums through the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

With the Bachelor in Humanities, you’ll see the world around you through a different lens, understanding everything from human behavior to the importance of cultural dialogue or even the changing role of technology. Thanks to your new-found capacity to balance quantitative and qualitative approaches, you’ll emerge from the program ready to adapt and implement critical thinking to tackle various challenges at play in society today.  

Your next steps

With so many doors open to you, it can be difficult to know where to go next. That’s why we have a dedicated IE Talent & Careers department comprised of specialists in career development and experts in professional advice. 

IE Talent & Careers is available to all students and IE Alumni, no matter their program or career ambitions. The team is responsible for helping students find internship opportunities, prepare for interviews, sharpen their resumes or map out their short- and long-term professional goals. Their stellar advice and guidance will give you the upper hand when approaching today’s competitive job landscape. 

Throughout the year, IE Talent & Careers will work with you to assess your goals, address your gaps and boost your strengths. They also organize regular events with top recruiters and organizations so that you can start building direct relationships with the companies that interest you most, helping you get your foot in the door from the get-go.