Students pursuing the Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations are motivated and determined individuals who are ready to build a better world through a range of different careers.

Understanding law on a global scale is no simple task. But by applying knowledge of international relations to it, it becomes a lot easier to navigate.

Organizations today are facing the battle of keeping up with globalization. More specifically, how to function on a globalized scale and navigate across physical borders. For this reason, there is a growing need for professionals who understand the intricacies of fundamental law concepts and the implications they can have for multinational corporations.

This is where the Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations comes in. This program sets out to train a new generation of global change-makers. Throughout their studies, students of this degree will cross boundaries between law and the internationalization of businesses and will not be afraid to ask the important questions surrounding these topics.

Keep on reading to discover 6 exciting careers the Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations can lead you to.

1. Become an international representative and choose a career as a diplomat

The Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations trains a new generation of intuitive, highly skilled negotiators who are ready to take a step towards creating positive changes on a global scale. This program teaches students how to solve intricate political issues within different legal frameworks.

2. Apply your studies and fight for what’s right as a human rights lawyer

This demanding program prepares students for any situation within a global political arena. Students develop the necessary analytical-reasoning and persuasion skills required to have their voice heard when fighting for important real-world issues.

3. Study international relations and law to evolve into a foreign policy consultant

The Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations take a holistic approach to learning. Touching upon a wide range of areas within international relations, including political science, foreign policy, and international political economy, students will transform into the new global professionals required in today’s evolving political landscape. If you want a challenging career that will lead you to a world of international politics, this demanding program will help you become a leading individual, ready to tackle any challenge in all areas of international law. 

4. Make your mark as an international criminal lawyer

Through studying the Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations, students can become experts in the area of international criminal law. The program adapts knowledge of the legal field to an international environment and teaches students how to becoming intuitive, decisive, and forward-thinking leaders.

5. Join the rising demand for arbitration lawyers and manage cross-border business transactions

With globalization creating multiple obstacles for how businesses operate, there is an increasing need for arbitration lawyers to adapt their services to an international scale. By studying the Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations, students will understand how to tackle these cultural, logistical, and linguistic issues and serve clients from all around the globe.

6. Build a better world as an NGO advocate

After studying the Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations, students have both the skill-set and mindset to become global changemakers. Today, there is still an ever-growing need for people to fight for change, defend human rights, and equalize difficult power relations. As such, the program at IE University offers an in-depth view on the knowledge underpinning today’s legal landscape, allowing students to explore today’s most challenging issues while growing into dynamic individuals who are ready to fight for the causes they believe in.

The program combines the expertise and faculty members from two prestigious schools: IE Law School and IE School of Global & Public Affairs. With just one additional year of academic studies, students graduate with two bachelor’s degrees, making them stand out when entering the competitive job market.