Italian Livia Ceribelli is no stranger to an international mindset, especially having grown up in Rome, where she attended the Rome International School. When looking for a bachelor’s program, she was ready to step out of her comfort zone and experience something great. IE University’s Bachelor in Economics was the perfect fit as it allowed her to customize her program based on her personal interests and find new ways to reach personal and professional growth.

Livia Ceribelli Economics student at IE University
Livia Ceribelli

My name is Livia Ceribelli and I’m from the Latium region of Italy. I grew up in historical Rome and attended an international school for my formative years. I chose to study at IE University because I was looking to step out of my comfort zone and the Bachelor in Economics helped me do that more than once.

I moved from one big city to the next to pursue my goals, and living in Madrid has been amazing. I’m currently in the third year of my program, and I decided I wanted to take one more leap, so I applied for an exchange program in Canada. Shifting from studying in Europe to studying in North America has been an incredible experience full of firsts. 

Why did you choose to apply for the exchange program?

I chose to do an exchange because I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn about a new country and culture. I went to an international school for high school, but it was in my hometown. I’m used to diversity and being surrounded by different cultures, but I never imagined studying in Canada. When the opportunity presented itself, I realized it would be an excellent way to travel and immerse myself in a culture that is so different from my own.

How did IE University help you align your exchange to your professional goals?

IE University truly focuses on student success, and that has helped my personal and professional growth in a variety of ways. To start, IE University has partnerships with over 200 leading universities worldwide, which means that the selection for exchange programs is vast. What’s unique about the Bachelor in Economics is its flexibility. Part of that flexibility is the option to personalize your program and study abroad in one of 50 countries to enrich your studies and your experience. Based on my personal and professional goals, I took the opportunity to live out a Canadian university experience. 

What do you miss about studying in Spain?

What I miss the most about IE University while on exchange is the community. My exchange has been great and I’ve met so many new people, but I miss the friends I made in Spain. Honestly, I believe Madrid is a wonderful city to live in as a student. There is so much to do and see, and IE University is at the epicenter of the business hub. I am looking forward to being back in Madrid and on IE University‘s campus for my final year in the program.

How has IE University’s exchange program helped shape you personally, academically and professionally?

I’ve been able to take a selection of elective courses which align with my field of interest. I am excited about each and every one of my classes because they are topics that I enjoy and want to learn more about. Personalizing my academic program has helped me discover what field I want to be in. IE University is a renowned institution, and I have been able to study there and at another top university. Each school has taught me different things and I’ll graduate with unforgettable academic and life experiences. 

What was the application process like? 

Applying to go on exchange was a long process, but IE University supported me each step of the way. I started my application a year in advance. IE University offered all the tools and resources necessary to help me select my school, apply, select my courses and make the move. The Bachelor in Economics department, as well as the International Mobility office, were also pivotal in the process.

Would you recommend the program to other students?

I would without a doubt recommend students to go on exchange if they have the opportunity. It is a unique experience that allows you to get out of your comfort zone. I am thankful for my time in Canada and can’t wait to share my experiences with my friends when I get back to Madrid