In keeping with our spirit of entrepreneurship, we have launched three new degrees at IE University that will prepare a new generation of professionals that will make an impact on the world we live in.

In an era of emerging technologies, innovation, and complex globalization, the role played by institutions of higher education becomes more significant. With this challenge in mind, IEU has sought to constantly evolve and expand throughout our five-decade history. At IE University, it is our mission to position ourselves at the vanguard of higher education by providing students with dynamic, enriching degrees to ensure their future professional success.

New Degrees IEU

Bachelor in Design

This degree is aimed at individuals who pursue creative solutions for a better, more sustainable life. This new bachelor’s degree is a comprehensive undergraduate program that seeks to challenge today’s physical, experiential, functional, and emotional reality. This degree is comprised of a unique combination of design foundations, a project-based methodology, and a focus on real-life challenges. Students will also discover design within the context of business by learning about how to use their knowledge to improve people’s daily lives.

“As a profession, design is constantly evolving. Historically, a person would study graphic design, industrial design, or interior design, since there were a finite number of crafts out there in the world. In the near future, you might be an artificial organ designer, a cybernetic director, or fusionist – who knows? Now we’re starting to see that design and creativity are needed to confront an increasing number of more difficult tasks. Everyday life has become more complex and new challenges need creative professionals capable of tackling them.” – Edgar Gonzalez, Director of the Bachelor of Design.

Bachelor in Design

Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics

This is the ideal degree for those students who want to shape the future of governance, society, and global organizations. The new Bachelor of Politics, Law, and Economics (PLE) is an applied, multidisciplinary degree for those who want to learn more about how the world works.

By integrating theory and its practical application, PLE students develop a deep understanding of the dynamics behind how these areas interact. This knowledge empowers students to become agents of change and make a meaningful impact in our globalized world.

“This avant-garde bachelor provides future leaders with a deep understanding of global, political, and economic transformations, and the legal frameworks and contexts within which such changes take place. You will gain strategic and analytical thinking skills and the necessary knowledge to find potential solutions for important contemporary social problems.” – Soledad Atienza, Vice-Dean of International Relations at IE Law School.

achelor in Information Systems Management

Bachelor in Information Systems Management

This tech-based degree is aimed at innovative thinkers who are passionate about technology. In this program, students will be on the fast-track to becoming high-impact tech professionals, sure to play a crucial role in building the digital future.

Technology is a powerful force that drives products and services, operations, and economic growth. The practical knowledge and skills that students learn in this program will prepare them to start their own tech businesses, foster innovation in global corporations, or apply technology to help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

“Businesses and organizations face many challenges due to the constant innovation in new technologies that shape traditional competitive frameworks. These new technologies have the power to positively transform the way organizations conduct business by improving processes and operations across all business areas. In this program, we train students to become the tech experts that will face these important challenges in the future. We give them the skills and knowledge needed to play a crucial role in building the digital future and driving innovation across all areas of a business and an organization.” – Teresa Ramos, Director of the Bachelor of Information Systems Management.

Bachelor in Systems Management

The innovative strength of these programs lies in the ideal combination of theory with practice through classroom dynamics that demand a high level of student engagement. Also, through a personalized study path, students are encouraged to take spectacular electives, attend advanced seminars, intern at leading companies, and participate in IEU Labs.