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It’s been clear for some time now that traditional business models won’t necessarily work as well as they did in today’s digitalized world. So much so that the rapidly changing landscape and the need for adaptability it places on businesses has been called “an existential threat.” However, it’s this evolution that simultaneously offers a wealth of emerging opportunities in new, exciting areas.

But for any business undergoing transformation, data must be at the heart of its efforts. After all, it’s data that provides the framework for more effective decision-making, as well as the metrics with which to measure the success of any digital transformation initiative. This imperative has driven businesses large and small to seek expertise in the gathering, cleaning, analysis and use of data, whether in-house in the case of bigger companies, or through consultancy at startups and SMEs.

That’s why the Certificate in Data Science has never been so important. An intensive, five-week summer program at IE University, it’s designed to impart a thorough understanding of the field, putting the power of data in your hands and setting you apart as the skilled data scientist businesses so urgently need.

From acquisition to visualization

In this program, the Introduction to Data Science allows you to cover the complete data lifecycle, from acquisition, through cleaning and analysis, to visualization of your findings. With the emphasis on practical learning and hands-on experience, you’ll gain immediately applicable takeaways that you can use in real-world scenarios.

The Certificate in Data Science will also teach you Python Coding, enabling you to analyze data in the industry-standard program. You’ll dive into Probability and Statistics to equip you with the ability to apply statistical methods effectively to real-world datasets. In Data Wrangling, you’ll learn how to transform raw data into a usable format for analysis.

Classes in Data Acquisition in SQL will impart the important knowledge of writing queries and how to apply this in data preparation and analysis. You’ll also learn how to use Python, Panda and Matplotlib in Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

Having grasped the fundamentals of Python, you’ll delve further into this essential tool with an Introduction to Machine Learning in Python, before jumping into a similar Introduction to Deep Learning that will train you to build neural networks for various applications. This is a particularly crucial skill in modern data science.

After an in-depth Introduction to Big Data, you’ll be ready to apply advanced processing techniques in real life, studying Ethics in Data Science to ensure you create fair and unbiased models while applying industry-wide best practices.

All of this comes together in a final capstone project, a hands-on application of all your new skills to a real-world scenario. We said this is an intensive certificate, and we meant it!

Why this program?

Academic director Iván Martín Maseda calls the Certificate in Data Science “the perfect launchpad into a career filled with opportunities and growth.” With data scientists among the most sought-after profiles in today’s labor market, the practical expertise you’ll gain at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world will make you a stand-out candidate in even the most competitive circumstances.

You’ll be able to add demonstrable hard skills and proficiency with real-world datasets to your resume, even if you have no previous work experience in the profession.

Clear pathways into successful careers

A data science certification can open doors in a wide variety of roles in any sector. You could become a data analyst or administrator, of course, but with its specialized curriculum, the Certificate in Data Science could also be your gateway to a career as a business analyst, machine learning engineer, information officer, statistician, financial analyst and many more. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for data scientists to rise “much faster than average for all occupations” until at least 2032. In short, these are skills that will be in demand anywhere, well into the future.

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