Law on a global scale is intimately linked to the study of international relations.

Law on a global scale is intimately linked to the study of international relations.

In a world where global issues transcend physical borders, the need for professionals capable of understanding the fundamentals of law and its implications in the international arena is always on the rise.

Companies and organizations face a different reality in today’s globalized world. Many problems and issues that affect their everyday activities are no longer localized, and corporations are being forced to adapt to the internationalization of their actions to compete effectively in the highly complex global market.

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The job market increasingly demands professionals who are capable of helping organizations face this difficult situation. In an international context where legal issues like internet jurisdiction, global warming, and multinational crises extend beyond borders, professionals who can help companies manage and navigate these complications are in high demand. These professionals must have the necessary multidisciplinary training and skills to be capable of practicing law with an international orientation and a global mindset.

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The Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations at IE University trains a new generation of global lawyers to play a crucial role at the crossroads between law and the internationalization of business. It teaches students how to work in complex, interconnected scenarios to find real solutions to global issues. In this program, students develop the analytical-reasoning abilities and the persuasion-diplomacy skills required to address real-world issues.

Dual Degrees Laws + International Relations

LLB+BIR students show leadership and a commitment to engage and debate challenging issues by adopting an international mindset. This program is ideal for individuals looking for multifaceted challenges, and who are able to understand and interpret the complexity of problems as they arise.

The Dual Degree in LLB+BIR provides a rigorous and international program that prepares students to become a global voice in the international arena. If you would like to raise your voice and discover the internationalization of legal practice, then this unique degree is the right choice for you!

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