Behance is a social media-like platform created by Adobe, to “showcase and discover creative work” across the world. Acquired by Adobe Systems Incorporated in 2012, the social media platform has grown vastly among the world of creatives.

Signing up to the platform is very simple through and in fact, if you already own an Adobe Creative Cloud plan, you immediately own a Behance account. It’s a platform that’s taken the world of creatives by storm, so IE University has decided to hop on the trend!

The opportunities the platform offers are endless, which is why we decided to create our own Behance accounts for our creative degrees and master’s programs at IE University. We have created the five following accounts on Behance; Bachelor in Architectural Studies (BAS), Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media (BCDM), Bachelor in Design (BID), Master in Visual and Digital Media (MVDM), and a general IE University account. These accounts will contain projects carefully crafted by students from different years, showcasing them for the world to see! Each account will post projects based on its courses. For example, the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media account will post projects from the photography course. As for the IE University account, the profile will display the top projects from different bachelor’s and master’s programs.

We wanted to show the world the many talented students of IE University and their wonderful skills developed both in class and outside of the classroom. Content uploaded on the platform ranges from individuals that are professional creatives, all the way to beginners displaying their work! These projects will vary vastly in terms of categories, including graphic design, architecture, branding, 3D modeling, UI/UX design, game design, photography, and plenty more—you name it! No matter your area of expertise, Behance is the perfect judgment-free platform to show the world your creative work.

The ability to comment on and “appreciate” people’s work stems from the social media aspect of Behance. It allows users to socialize with one another by uploading work and acknowledging each other’s work. Furthermore, the platform allows users to follow each other and their moodboards; both often found when exploring projects through the “discover” section. Similar to the world-renowned application Pinterest, there is also an option to create “collaborative moodboards” with other users by adding them as “co-owners.” This will allow users to create a folder where they can post their favorite pieces of work and save them as inspiration for future or current projects!

Whenever posting a project, the user must select several “project tags” similar to hashtags on other social media platforms, allowing the project to be found easily through the discover section. Furthermore, the user must select a number of “creative fields” to categorize the project, i.e. fashion, product design, advertising, architecture, photography, etc. As a fourth-year Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media student, the endless possibilities that emerge from Behance are amazing. I get to look for inspiration through moodboards, post my projects, and even use it as a portfolio.

Behance will shed light on the projects that our talented students create and showcase them for the world to see! Whether you are a professional or only a beginner, this platform is for you! Have you made your Behance account yet?