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Luna is half Spanish and half Indonesian. She has lived in Bali her whole life, and has developed a love for adventure and discovering new places with her friends. She values spending time with her family and friends, and chooses to document her memories through her passion for photography.

During her time at international and “national plus” schools in Bali, she enjoyed studying Business, Information Technology and English Language and thrived in the more creative aspects of her studies. Now at IE University in Segovia and in her fourth year, Luna has immersed herself in the international community; one of the first things she fell in love with at IE University.

Not fully captivated by the financial side of business administration, Luna chose to explore the creative and communication side of business in the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media. From the beginning of her IE University experience, Luna has been involved in the Mentorship Society, progressing from mentee to mentor and mentor coordinator. She has also been a valuable member of student magazine The Stork’s social media team as one of the Instagram handlers. Moreover, Luna is the director of IE Think podcasts, where she previously worked as Marketing Director in her second year. On top of all that, she also pioneered the Yearbook in the Undergraduate Chapter for her Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media. Luna impressively balanced these responsibilities alongside her love of football when she joined the Women’s Football Team in Segovia in her first year.

Recently having secured an internship in the IE University Marketing Department, she is learning a lot from her fellow colleagues. Among her responsibilities are writing newsletters, helping arrange event marketing, creating promotional content for IE University’s social media platforms, and organizing material to be published for prospective students. As a proud member of the IE University community, Luna feels comfortable taking every opportunity made available to her.

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