Swiss native Dorian Ranger, a BBA student, has set up an innovative startup focused on international students living in apartments in the capital.

Imagine: a student has just arrived to university, rents an apartment in Segovia, by himself or with roommates, wants to devote his time to his studies, and isn’t the most proactive person when it comes to tedious household chores.  That’s the case for many young people that come to IE University.  In order to satisfy these needs and make life easier for students from all over the world who come to live in Segovia, Dorian Ranger has found the solution.  This young Swiss, currently studying Business Management (BBA), has just created his own online cleaning company aimed at international students that reside in apartments in the capital city.

Dorian Ranger

Photo by: Roberto Arribas

“Orderly” is a platform where, amongst other services, anyone can hire a cleaner for their home, simply and securely.

The webpage—in English for the convenience of international IE University students—offers a wide range of services at truly competitive prices: the cleaning of one or more bedrooms, of the whole house, and even extra services like laundry, such as washing and dropping off the clean, ironed clothing in record time.

From Orderly’s website you can even pay for the cleaning and disinfection of electrical appliances.  Ultimately, the aim of this startup is to improve the everyday lives of students for whom cleaning and ironing is one of those boring daily chores that takes away time from studying.  “I aim to provide a personalized service where trust is the most important thing,” says Dorian Ranger.

All the customer has to do is access the platform through ( and select the services they need.  “The navigation of the website is very intuitive and clear; throughout the process the client can find everything on offer and see how much it will cost,” he says.  In that sense, Dorian Ranger highlights that “we like to convey seriousness, that you can trust us and our work.

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Another standout feature is the fact that the user is able to request that his house be cleaned on a specific day of the week and during certain hours of the day, as many times as he thinks necessary during the period of time he chooses. You can pay with credit card or with a PayPal account.

The platform’s software allows you to sync the service you booked with the calendar on your mobile, and the client also receives reminder messages that advise him that today is “cleaning day.”

We always think about the consumer, that’s why we always send a message once the service has been carried out so they can validate our work. We want the user to always have the best experience possible and to continue to trust us,” says the IE University student.

Something out-of-the-ordinary: the website also offers the chance for customers to send “gift cards,” so that their family and friends’ homes are always in perfect condition.

In order to set up “Orderly,” Dorian Ranger also relied on the help of various student entrepreneurs at the university.  For instance, the startup “7 Picos,” a communications company created by students Giulia Camargo and Esaú Gozalo Ramos, took over the design of the website to ensure the platform was, above all, accessible and useful to foreign students.

The cleaning company is focused on satisfying the needs of the students of IE University, but Dorian Ranger points out that any Segovian can hire their services.  If the startup works, this Swiss student’s idea is to extend to Madrid and offer the website in Spanish.

Dorian Ranger

Photo by: Roberto Arribas


Dorian Ranger, founder of “Orderly,” is a young, 21-year-old Swiss who has been studying in Segovia for 2 years.  He’s from Zug, a city found between Lucerna and Zurich.  He admits that he’s always been attracted to the culture and customs of Southern Europe.  That’s why, despite being accepted by a university in the UK, Dorian Ranger preferred to study in Spain, “a Mediterranean country that’s so different than Switzerland, with a more mild climate and incredible language and culture,” he says.

Before arriving in Segovia, Dorian Ranger first spent a year traveling around the world, visiting places like Australia, before returning to Switzerland to complete his compulsory military service, where he performed support tasks in the health sector.

He arrived at IE University to study Psychology, but by the end of the year he decided to change to a degree in Business Management (BBA), where he could develop and put into practice his initiative, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit.

I love studying at IE University because of, among other things, the diversity of students: everyone has a unique perspective and a different way of seeing things, it’s truly enriching,” notes Dorian.

The university offers him an ideal environment for the creation and acceleration of businesses. “At IE University many students like myself put the theory we’re taught in the classroom into practice, and we’re capable of creating our own first businesses,” he says.