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Calling all behavioral science enthusiasts, experts and enquiring minds!

Held from May 12 to 14, the IE Behavioral Science Week is the first annual student-led initiative dedicated to all things BeSci. During this action-packed week, participants can attend webinars and workshops as they discover how applied BeSci impacts a huge array of sectors—from policymaking to design and finance.

Eduarda Uliana noticed a lack of BeSci events where students and practitioners could get together to share insights. Therefore, the idea was brought into life by the help of Laura de Lima , Josefina Perez, Paula Fernandez, Maria Ruth Peschard, Riccardo Leoni Sceti and Javier Gascón.

Over months of hard work, the IE Behavioral Economics Club put together this action-packed agenda to connect the IE BeSci community and bring visibility to this growing field. In the organizer’s words, “We want people to know about the exciting applications BeSci has, the opportunities it presents for people and organizations, and its potential to create positive influences.”


What will the BeSci Week entail?
The BeSci Week is an opportunity for behavioral science students and professionals to connect, learn and grow as a community. Besides the engaging webinars and workshops, students have the exciting opportunity to network with behavioral scientists and experts in this emerging field, helping them grow as ambitious behavioral scientists.

What’s more, panel discussions featuring 14 speakers from 12 different companies will immerse participants in the real-world application of BeSci as they discover new insights from industry leaders. Representatives from Ogilvy, DNA Behavior, BBVA, Heurística, The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), and 1001 Stories will be in attendance, to name a few.

The week also features the inauguration of the IE BE Nudgestorm challenge. In this exciting challenge, students will apply the knowledge they acquire throughout the week to solve a real case study involving four leading companies: Beway, Opseeker, Fintonic and Ibercaja. Not only will this allow students to grow their resumes and immerse themselves in the real-world application of BeSci, but—thanks to BeWay and Opseeker—the two winning teams will be interviewed for an internship!
“We hope this week will serve as a space for the BeSci community to connect and grow.”


Day 1 – Behavioral Finance & Human-Centered Design thinking
May 12, 2021
17:00-18:30 – Behavioral Science in Finance and its Future
18:30-20:00 – Workshop: How to Use Design Thinking to Approach a Challenge

Day 2 – Behavior & Policy Around the World
May 13, 2021
18:00-20:00 – Behavior and Policy Applications Around the World

Day 3 – Behavioral Design and Influence
May 14, 2021
17:00-18:00 – Workshop: Behavioral Design – Insights on Designing for Behavior Change
18:00-19:15 – Using Behavioral Design to Influence and Persuade Others

Discover the full agenda here.

How to get involved
Held entirely over Zoom, the events are open to anyone and free of charge. Ready to get started? Sign up for the workshops and webinars here.

If you’d like to participate in the IE BE Nudgestorm challenge, you can sign up from May 10. Stay tuned to our LinkedIn and Instagram pages for more details. The Nudgeathon is exclusively open to students and recent graduates, who can sign up as teams of two-four participants or as individuals. If you sign up as an individual, we will place you in a group!