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“I think that the best part of the Deloitte Summer Xperience is the possibility of networking with professionals working at the firm.”

We were delighted to hear that BBA student Alejandro García González was invited to participate in Deloitte’s Summer Xperience. Top-performing students from across Spain are given the opportunity to take part in this week-long event organized by Deloitte. At the event, students in their final year of studies are permitted to explore the possibility of pursuing a career in consultation. Participants attend talks, networking events, and work with real-world case studies to develop their practical skills.

Considering Deloitte was the biggest employer of IEU’s class of 2016, the consulting firm’s Summer Xperience event presents an incredible opportunity to students looking to kick-start their careers. We decided to sit down with Alejandro to learn more about his experience during this incredible event.

Deloitte Summer Experience

Tell us about your participation in Deloitte’s Summer Xperience.

This is a week-long event where students can find real answers to any questions they may have about working at Deloitte. The first day was dedicated to getting to know each other and then they gave us a small case study, which we worked on over the course of the week.

During the first three days, we worked on the case with the different departments of Deloitte. I could choose financial advisory, monitoring (strategic consulting), or financial risk, but they actually have up to nine departments (auditory, technology risk, digital, cybersecurity, etc.). It doesn’t matter what profile you have and there is time to talk to everyone if you’re interested.

While we were in “class” (literally a classroom, since we were on the UAX campus) we could ask any question we might have had about a particular department, such as, “What is the selection process like?” or “What are the functions of an intern or a junior?”

During the week, there was time for social activities, talks on LinkedIn, sports, motivational talks, and cooking (or trying to cook) dinner. Personally, the best afternoon for me was the one dedicated to virtual reality where we could try on VR glasses.

What are the benefits of participating in an event like this?

I think the best part of the Deloitte Summer Xperience was the opportunity to network with professionals at the firm. You can have an open conversation with a senior analyst and ask all kinds of questions about their job, their routines, their background, etc. It was really nice because you can really get a feel for what they do and what is most important. You can put your deepest doubts about working in the sector to rest.

How did you find out about this opportunity?

I found out about the opportunity in one of the weekly emails that the Talent & Careers department sends us. After that, the process was really straightforward. I had to pass a couple of online tests and then I was invited to a group interview.

How do you think your IE experience and the IE Talent & Careers team support helped you obtain this opportunity?

The Talent & Careers department is always posting great opportunities for us to take advantage of. I think this is one of the things that makes IE so unique when compared to other universities. The IE brand also opens a lot of doors and I think I was able to use it wisely.

What advice do you have for students interested in participating in Deloitte’s event in the future?

If you want to know what it’s like to work at Deloitte, don’t hesitate to apply to the Summer Xperience next year. Last year, there were 100 students in attendance. This year, there were 121 students from all over Spain at the event. Don’t think that because it just lasts a week, it isn’t worth it, and it would be better to secure a regular internship. It’s a week-long chance to learn about and impress a big company with a global presence. If you show them your talents, they’re not likely to let you slip away.  

And, by the way, they took very good care of us and we had a great time!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, Alejandro. We wish you the best during your upcoming academic exchange in Milan!