How would you like to live and study in one of Spain’s most beautiful and historic cities? In Segovia, you can do just that. A former monastery where Dominican monks once studied is now home to IE University’s cutting-edge educational facilities. You can step out of the state-of-the-art MediaLab or the innovative Creativity Center straight into a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Immerse yourself in history, culture and nature

Segovia has something for all lovers of history, culture and architecture. While the city’s much-photographed hallmark is its Roman aqueduct, built in the first century AD, there’s plenty more to discover: a Gothic cathedral, the old city walls and the Alcázar of Segovia—a medieval castle which is rumored to be the inspiration for a Disney movie! The city’s numerous historical buildings, both civil and religious, led UNESCO to bestow World Heritage Site status on Segovia in 1985.

IE University’s Segovia location is just one of these many historic sites. Just a short walk from the city center, the former Convent of Santa Cruz de la Real is now at the heart of student life. Since 1218, the site has been home to a monastery, a prison, an orphanage and a hospice—and now it’s come full circle, with high-tech classrooms and labs where the monks once pored over scriptures. 

In Segovia, study doesn’t stop at the walls of the classroom. From the green space at the heart of the central cloister, to the banks of the Eresma river and the canyon at nearby Hoces del Río Duratón National Park, the natural world is always close at hand. It’s an ideal location for taking a walk between classes, enjoying a change of scenery when you prefer to sit outside with your laptop, or simply taking creative inspiration from your environment.

A place to live, study and play

Once you’ve settled into your new home in Segovia, you’ll find plenty to do. While the pace of life may be slower than in the capital, its relaxed atmosphere is one of Segovia’s greatest assets. You’ll discover intimate local bars, cafés and restaurants, all with a distinctive local flair, where you can catch up with your fellow students over coffee or tapas. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with the locals and get to know Segovia’s distinctive culture.

If you want to explore further afield, Segovia’s convenient location also means you can be in Madrid in around 30 minutes by high-speed train. And you’re only a stone’s throw away from the Portuguese border.

Discover a thriving, diverse community

IE University’s Segovia location is far from an ivory tower: it’s integrated with the local community. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do—and our presence in Segovia reflects that, leading to the creation of collaborative community initiatives. Engagement with the people of Segovia is an important part of student life in the city: exhibitions at the Creativity Center, for example, are open to the public and contribute to Segovia’s rich cultural life. 

Networking with a diverse group of people is part of the IE University experience. Getting to know the local community provides an excellent opportunity for non-native speakers to improve their Spanish. Frequenting local cafés and buying fruit at the market may well challenge the language skills you thought you had! And you’ll be giving back to the community in which you live and study.
To get a taste of student life in Segovia, take a look at our short video, Discover Segovia’s Educational Adventure. And if you’ve been inspired, why not visit us in Segovia?