Originally from Palma de Mallorca, Giselle Rubin is a third-year Bachelor in Information Systems Management student. She loves being part of IEU Athletics for the opportunities it offers her as an athlete and in expanding her network.

Check out our interview with her where she shares the inside scoop on her padel career, and how she balances being a student and an athlete at IE University

How long have you been playing padel? What is your practice schedule like?

I have been playing padel since I was four years old. My father introduced me to the sport and I have loved playing it ever since. I started playing competitively when I was 12, and when I came to IE University, I knew I wanted to continue playing and join the competition team. I was selected to join the team when I was a freshman, and I have been attending weekly training sessions ever since. I usually play three hours a week, but my schedule is super flexible depending on my classes.


What do you think about Liquid Learning? How do you balance playing padel and studying?

Liquid Learning has allowed me to manage my time better and be able to attend more training sessions. I love playing sports because I can disconnect from my daily routine and do a physical activity at the same time—which is always beneficial for my personal health and wellness. Nevertheless, I still set my studies as a priority, and whenever I feel overloaded or that I am struggling to meet a deadline, the padel team is totally on my side and helps me reschedule practice to a more convenient time.

Have you played in competitions? How does IE University support you when you have an overlap in schedules?

I was lucky to be selected to participate in both regional and national padel tournaments for the past two years: Trofeo Rector de Castilla y León and Campeonato de España Universitario. I’ve been able to travel to León, Burgos and Valencia with IEU Athletics. I had so much fun and they were unforgettable experiences. I made lots of friends from both IE University’s Madrid and Segovia campuses.

Regarding conflicting schedules, the tournaments usually take place over the weekends, so we’ve only ever missed class on a Friday. Nevertheless, as we are competing in official tournaments, the professors understand it is a justified reason and thus support our team.

What do you like about IEU Athletics?

I love being part of IEU Athletics. You can make so many new friends and meet people from other degrees and academic years that you wouldn’t have otherwise met. You also get to play your favorite sport for free, and have the opportunity to attend training sessions and tournaments while greatly improving your skills as a player with an amazing coach and team.

Do you have any recommendations for future students interested in joining IEU Athletics?

I highly recommend it. There are so many different sports at your disposal—the choices are endless. You can improve your skills in a sport you already have played, or take a chance and start learning a new one. Also, don’t feel afraid about not being good enough to play: most sports have two teams depending on your level. So, try to get out of your comfort zone and just have fun—I promise you won’t regret it!