Take your learning beyond the classroom with hands-on experiences. These three competitions let you step out of your comfort zone and into a real-world challenge, pushing your boundaries and testing your newly acquired skill set.

At IE University, we want you to step out of your comfort zone and into the real world. As part of the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics, you can choose to participate in one of three competitions to test your skills and push your boundaries. 

The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics at IE University gives you the tools to create AI technologies that will help reshape tomorrow’s industries. In our fast-paced world, the power of technology continues to grow—and you must stay at the edge of innovation. As part of the program, you will cultivate a visionary mindset and dynamic outlook while gaining the math and analytics skills necessary to navigate today’s tech tools.

As part of both od this rigorous programs, you are given the option to participate in one of three competitions: the International Quant Championship, the Tech Venture Bootcamp or the Sustainability Datathon. Each competition will challenge your skills in different ways—which is the one for you?

The International Quant Championship

Bringing together students, academics and professionals from around the globe, the International Quant Championship is a unique chance to work alongside top talent and show off your quantitative skills. Hosted by WorldQuant, this competition is a three-stage global event. 

In teams, you will develop and backtest predictive mathematical models, allowing you to apply your quantitative skills at the intersection of data and financial markets. The competition provides the technical tools and the platform to demonstrate your quantitative capabilities. It takes place on WorldQuant’s BRAIN platform, which features over 65,000 data fields and has over 1,000 paid consultants, 20,000 users and real-time, actionable feedback on mathematical model submissions.

The International Quant Championship will provide individuals from around the world with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of quantitative finance and hone the technical skills required to fuel their success. 

Nitish Maini, Chief Strategy Officer at WorldQuant

The practical nature of the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics plays a pivotal role in success at the International Quant Championship. With the skills you gain in the program, you’ll be able to confidently present solutions and display your technical expertise and analytical skills. 

Technology and Innovation Management with Sarah Harmon

Tech Venture Bootcamp

Are you ready to build something from the ground up? Then the Tech Venture Bootcamp is calling your name. During the six-day program, you will push boundaries to help accelerate scientific advancement. 

Participants will interact with like-minded peers and be supported by researchers, executives and entrepreneurs throughout the competition. Designed for students looking to make a positive impact, the boot camp will lead you directly to the IE Venture Lab, where you can make even bigger things happen. 

The program involves hands-on, intensive workshops to boost your skills in business narrative development, design and tech innovation. You will think critically and innovatively about your business and tech strategies and then put them to practice in real-world hackathons and project presentations. 

IE Sustainability Datathon

The IE Sustainability Datathon empowers you to harness data to create a sustainable future. In this dynamic challenge, students, professionals and leaders work together to solve pressing sustainability issues using data analytics and predictive modeling. 

During the three-week datathon, leading global companies will present teams with a unique, real-world challenge that requires innovative thinking and strategic application. From the very beginning, each team is assigned an industry expert as a mentor. 

As the datathon continues, you will gain specific skills and knowledge via workshops delivered by leaders in the field. Beyond gaining a unique set of skills and real-world experience, your team will use data analytics and predictive modeling to create solutions to real problems. Winning proposals are eligible for significant prizes.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Each of these three competitions will put your skills to the test as you apply theory to practice in moments of high intensity. The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics are built around real-world application and experience—these competitions are just one of the many opportunities you’ll encounter. No matter which competition you choose, you’ll walk away with a global network, a refined skill set and lasting memories.