IEU Experience


Alan Calderon is from Mexico and had lived there his whole life until he came to Spain. He decided to study the Bachelor in Economics at IE University as it aligned with his own personal and professional ambitions. He also wanted to take himself out of his comfort zone and, with his IE University experience already including co-founding a club and an eye-opening trip to Saudi Arabia, he’s certainly accomplished his goal.

Life is too good not to enjoy it and focus on the bad things only.

Alan Calderon

I would describe myself as enthusiastic and highly motivated; I like to take the initiative and seek out new challenges. I try to contribute enthusiasm and positivity to everything I do, both learning from others and helping them learn too. I have served as the class representative and I am a cofounder and officer of the IE Cryptocurrency Club, dedicated to inspiring and preparing the next generation of crypto enthusiasts.

How would you describe your IE University experience so far?

Coming to IE University has helped me widen my perspective and meet incredible people who have taught me many things. I have met people from all over the world and had the chance to visit some of their home countries. I discovered a passion for social sciences in high school so, after taking an economics class, I decided to study the Bachelor in Economics at IE University. I like the university’s vibe; I have had the opportunity to study at the campus in Segovia and IE Tower in Madrid, and I truly love both.

Tell us about your experience outside of the classroom.

One of my favorite parts of IE University is how easily you can engage in clubs, sports and campus life. I was able to form the IE Cryptocurrency Club with one of my best friends and I help other students engage with crypto through informative sessions. Recently, I was also granted the opportunity to attend the WTTC Global Summit in Saudi Arabia with fellow students. This was, by far, one of my favorite experiences at IE University. Sports are also a great passion of mine, and even though I don’t participate in a particular team at IE University, I have had fun experiences in tournaments in which I participate with my group of friends.

How does IE University help you with personal and professional experiences?

IE University has helped me focus my goals on what I want to do in the future. There are always great events going on, about anything that you might find yourself interested in. Through informative sessions, workshops, clubs and chats with professors, I know what professional paths I want to take and which ones I don’t see myself in. I am truly grateful for this because I have the opportunity to gain face-to-face experience and discover new passions.

Tell us more about the trip to Saudi Arabia.

It was a life-changing experience. I would never have imagined going to Saudi Arabia and learning so much from their culture, gaining a different perspective on life and meeting hundreds of people from all over the world. The Saudi trip was focused on sustainable tourism and, honestly, I had no clue that this was a thing until I came back from the trip. It made me realize how important sustainability is and how small changes in our life can have a huge impact on others.

It also gave me the opportunity to connect with different people from other universities around the world and to build friendships with people who I never knew from IE University. One of my favorite things about that trip was that I got to meet the former Mexican president, Felipe Calderón—he is my favorite Mexican president and a person I admire greatly. I also had the chance to talk firsthand with people in charge of revolutionary projects like The Line. By the end of the trip, most of us did not want to leave Saudi Arabia! I’m sure it’s a place I want to come back to in the future or maybe even work there. 

Lastly, give us a quote that represents how you feel about life.

One of my favorite quotes that I always like to say to my friends when we’re facing difficult times is, “Life is too good not to enjoy it and focus on the bad things only.” This quote has carried my friends and me through our lowest moments. There is always something to be grateful for.