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The Global Markets team is responsible for recruiting talent from around the world to IE University. With around 30 offices spread across the globe, the team covers all time zones and regions. The team's offices are located in countries including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal, France, Italy, Armenia, the UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Japan, and China.

An Introduction to the Global Markets Team

During the podcast, the team members emphasized the importance of the human touch in the recruitment process. Despite the rise of digitalization and globalization, they noted that personalized advice and guidance are crucial in helping candidates make the right decisions. With offices located in different countries and time zones, the Global Markets team is able to provide candidates with the support they need, in their own language and at a time that is convenient for them.

The team members also highlighted the significance of the recruitment process in a student’s life. They acknowledged the stress and confusion that comes with choosing a university. By putting the candidate at the center of the process, the team aims to make the journey as personal as possible.

Reaching Out to Your Local IE International Office: Why It Matters

As the world becomes more globalized, it’s not uncommon for students to have an international profile. They may have been born in one country, studied in another, and have parents living in yet another. That’s why IE University has international offices located all around the world, making it easier for students to access the information they need and get in touch with the IE community.

IE University wants to bring university life closer to students, no matter where they are in the world. By reaching out to the local office, candidates can get a better understanding of what IE University offers and what the IE University community looks like locally.

So, how can students get in touch with their local IE International Office? The IE University website has a section dedicated to news and events, including a “Visit Us” section which provides information about international offices, including their address, email address, and how to reach out to them. Candidates can also access a chat where they can speak directly with IE University staff or current students. There are different communication options, including email, phone, and even social media platforms like Instagram.

How IE University Helps Prospective Students Make Informed Decisions

An important aspect when applying to a university program is having access to information and resources. One of the most convenient ways to get in touch with someone at IE University is through the chat box available on the website. Students can directly message someone and get the information they need regarding the program they are interested in. IE University also proactively reaches out to candidates who have shown an interest by contacting them via email or phone to offer assistance with the decision process.

When it comes to linking prospective candidates to a faculty member, it depends on the stage of the decision-making process and the candidate’s interests. Once a candidate has been admitted to the university and is in the final decision process, speaking to a faculty member can be helpful.  IE University understands the decision-making process can be overwhelming and daunting. Therefore, we prioritize listening to the candidate and providing the specific assistance they need at each stage of the journey.

Exploring IE University’s Campus Offerings for Candidates

At IE University, there are over 5000 events that take place worldwide on a yearly basis, covering different topics and programs such as technology, data, leadership, management, finance, entrepreneurship, law, architecture, and design. These events offer a great opportunity for candidates to attend masterclasses, admissions workshops, financial aid sessions, and general information sessions about the university.

In addition to the worldwide events, there are also events that happen on campus. IE University offers different ways for candidates to explore the campus. One way is through the Virtual Campus Tour, which gives a great idea of what the campus looks and feels like. Candidates can also visit the campus in person. IE University offers scheduled campus tours called “Me on Tour,” which take place every week in Madrid and Segovia. These tours offer an opportunity to explore both campuses on the same day. IE University also offers tailored visits to the campuses for those who want a more personalized experience.

Lastly, IE University hosts open house events where candidates and their families can come to the campus and attend masterclasses, financial aid sessions, general information sessions, and interact with people from different departments, such as academic teams, financial aid, student services, and campus life.

How the IE International Office Helps Students throughout the Application Process

As a prospective student, applying to university can be a daunting process. However, the IE International Office is here to help at different stages of the application process. One of the ways we do this is by offering workshops and events to help students understand the application process, including the requirements and recommendations for a successful application.

Some of these workshops include “do’s and don’ts” of an application and application workshops, where students can learn how to craft their CV to showcase their experience. The workshops and resources offered by the IE International Office are not just useful for the IE University application process, but also for other university applications and beyond.

But the support from the IE International Office doesn’t stop there. If a candidate has questions or needs help with missing documents in their application, the IE International Office is there to provide answers. We truly care about helping students bring out the best version of themselves, not only for IE University, but for students’ future endeavors as well.

From Student to Alum: How IE University Supports You Every Step of the Way

The IE University community is a vibrant, active, and impactful community dedicated to driving innovation and building better societies. It’s made up of diverse individuals who are constantly gaining insights from each other, sharing their experiences, and building meaningful connections.

One of the key aspects of the IE University community is the support network that is available to students, even after graduation. The alumni network and various offices ensure that students always have a point of contact, no matter where they are in the world.

At the heart of the IE University community is a passion for driving global markets and making an impact in the world. We’re aware of the fundamental role we play in building better societies and are committed to making a difference. The IE University community fosters an atmosphere where diverse perspectives and voices are heard, allowing individuals to become well-rounded, regardless of their academic pursuits.

In conclusion, the IE University community is a place where individuals can grow, learn, and connect with others who share a similar passion for driving innovation and making a positive impact in the world. It’s an inspiring community which nurtures individuals and empowers them to be agents of change in their communities and beyond.