IEU Experience


The IEU Labs finale was held on Friday 26th of June, to celebrate the end of these immersive projects and select an overall winner.

This year’s finale was a little bit different, with over 200 people connecting online to watch the selected lab teams present their final projects. Some of the guests were specially invited from prestigious companies who worked closely with the students on their projects, including Filipe Salsinha (Marketing Director at Mondelēz), Marta Santamarta (Marketing Director at AXA), Nacho Mendibourne (Senior Marketing Manager at Twitter), and our own Ana Rumschisky (Professor at IE University).

During the event hosted by master of ceremony Brendan Anglin, each team submitted a creative video summarizing the key challenges they faced and their biggest achievements. The videos were presented in blocks of three, after which all the attendees voted for their favorite from each block. Before presenting the next block of videos, each guest was invited to speak and share their experiences of working with the students. At the end of the event, the overall winner was selected from the finalist Labs. This was a fantastic way to celebrate each team’s efforts and commitment to the IEU Labs project, and allowed students to get creative in their presentations.

“I have to say that I was very surprised by the presentations. The students really took on the challenge and came back with great, solid strategic thinking that is essential when you approach such complex, real-life business issues,” says Filipe Slasinha of Mondelez.

The winners were:

Innovation Lab

Slow Fashion Lab

Marketing Lab

Nacho Mendibourne at Twitter noted that, “These folks really showed me how to tackle business and marketing challenges from a fresh point of view. We not only saw the students understand people’s thoughts and behaviors to offer business solutions and generate value, but they demonstrated their passion and creativity. I’m sure that each of the participants will change any company from the inside out, no matter how big or small.”

Successfully switching to a virtual format for the ceremony was just another way that students proved their flexible and agile mindsets during the Labs. While the world continues to behave unpredictably, the Lab participants demonstrated their ability to embrace change and remain proactive in their search for solutions and innovations. Closing the ceremony, IEU Labs Director Miguel Barreiro pointed out that, “completing the Labs against this backdrop shows us that we are prepared for whatever the future may bring. We have to continue to search for ways to not only succeed, but push the limits. I think every participant at the IEU Labs can agree to that.” María Eizaguirre highlighted the participants’ excellent attitude, focus and hard-work as well as their curious nature. “As directors of this Lab, you enrich our personal and professional experiences with your commitment and inspiring work.”

Congratulations to all the IEU Labs participants on their hugely successful final projects!