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Global diversity is at the center of all that we do at IE University and we want to ignite this same passion in all of our students. As such, the IE University Exchange Program offers students the opportunity to study a semester abroad at one of our 160 prestigious partner universities.

During the exchange program, students will gain invaluable experience, make long-lasting connections, and become globally-aware individuals who are undoubtedly able to cross cultural borders, both in their personal lives and professionally.

At IE University we strongly recommend going an exchange experience. Thus, from now on we will provide a special space in our newsletter for the International Mobility Department, which will inform the entire IE University community about our international exchanges on offer, past or present experiences, and much more.

Let’s uncover this student’s experience

This time, Andreea Vitalaru, Coordinator at the International Mobility Department, provides us with an exquisite interview with Veronica Quiroga, a 21-year-old Bachelor in Business Administration student, who shares with us in the following interview all about her exchange experience at the University of Michigan in the United States. This is what she had to say:

“My semester abroad at Michigan was a life-changing experience. Every day was an opportunity to meet new students, including local and international exchange students from all over the world. I was thrilled with my accommodation choice, which was an off-campus apartment situated in Ann Arbor (a 7-minute walk from the main campus) called Varsity. The university campus is huge and I had the privilege to study in one of its most beautiful and modern buildings, the Business School.

My class choices were a bit different from what I am currently studying at IE University since I wanted to broaden my academic horizons.

“Sensory Marketing,” a course that provides insight about the impact of marketing tools on our senses, was one of my favorite subjects along with “Psychology and International Marketing Management.” The professors did a great job with engaging us in class and overall, we all had a very rewarding academic experience.

The biggest adjustments I had to make to the local culture was the excessively large food portions and the chilly weather, but this was balanced out by the local vibe.

The student life was thrilling and I immediately fit in with the local’s way of life. I enjoyed everything that Michigan had to offer, but I also had the chance to travel with a group of friends to Chicago, Miami, and New York.

It’s hard to choose my favorite moment abroad, but if I had to I would say the farewell dinner we all shared, which was a bittersweet goodbye to the end of the semester.

Would I recommend Michigan to IE University students? Not only would I recommend it but I would love to go back myself one day. There is nothing like the welcoming American culture!

All in all, studying abroad gave me a new outlook on life and taught me that developing strong relationships is one of the most rewarding things in life. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to have a similar exchange experience!”