IEU Experience


Hailing from Madrid, Iñigo Cavestany studied the Bachelor in Business Administration and now works at IBM. When he’s not driving IBM Public Cloud sales he can be found giving back to the community as a professor and mentor at IE University or zooming around Madrid on one of his electric scooters.

A community of doers and makers

For Iñigo Cavestany, the most powerful aspect of IE University is its constant experimentation. This close-knit community of doers and makers is always on the lookout for new developments and improvements, something that informs his daily life at a global tech company, IBM.

As a digital and ecosystem advocate, Iñigo’s mission is to embrace open ecosystems that improve the world around us. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in May he and his team created a virtual AI assistant hosted on IBM cloud to help Doctors Without Borders. The AI-based tech solution boosted the charity’s efficiency and empowered them to provide essential aid to those who were suffering most during the global crisis.

Coming full circle

While studying the Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University, Iñigo was struck by the fantastic professors and faculty members who guided him on his personal and professional journey. In fact, he cites IE University as his biggest source of inspiration and a key milestone in becoming the person he is today.

Nowadays, Iñigo is able to give back to this community as a professor and mentor in the Bachelor of Information Systems Management. In addition, he has shared his expertise and real-world experience as Professor of the International MBA and Bachelor of Business Administration.

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem

Ever since graduating with the Bachelor in Business Administration in 2016, Iñigo has collaborated with a huge array of startups across Madrid and IE University. He has offered support and guidance while introducing them to the efficiency-boosting technologies at IBM, as well as their acceleration programs. What’s more, Iñigo is a partner of the IE University-born startup incubator, Netspot, which has launched some amazing projects alongside young entrepreneurs.

Another of Iñigo’s business ventures is Velca, the ultimate electric mobility solution for urban cities. The company was born and raised in an IE University lab, and has raised over €700,000 on Crowdcube alone. Modern engineering coupled with a retro look have made this e-scooter an exciting staple of the streets of Europe, while promoting sustainable living and travel with zero emissio

It’s all about the journey

Given his extensive experience working with startups and tech companies, Iñigo has some sound words of wisdom for ambitious entrepreneurs. He reflects that, behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a powerful mindset—and one that is not worried about failure. He believes that all entrepreneurs must understand that entrepreneurship is about the journey, not the destination. Along the way, you learn and evolve as a professional as you work toward your ultimate goal.

Finding the right balance

No two days are the same during Iñigo’s busy professional life. Currently, his biggest challenge is maintaining a work-life balance, and he strives every day to bring the most out of himself and his teams while making sure to enjoy some downtime.