IEU Experience


Fourth-year Bachelor in Business Administration students Alicia and Sergio talk to us about the fond memories they have of their years at IE University

An education at IE University is about so much more than the degree one walks away with at graduation. Every aspect of IE University’s unique approach—from its cutting-edge facilities to its world-class educational quality, its innovative Liquid Learning approach, the wealth of extracurricular activities offered or the diversity of its community—contributes to an immensely rich overall experience. 

Fourth-year Bachelor in Business Administration students Sergio and Alicia are preparing to graduate this year, but they agree that the experiences they’ve had at IE University will shape their future path to success.

Building strong educational and professional foundations

The two business students agree that the past four years have included a plethora of opportunities to grow and learn. For Sergio, gaining as much training early on was a priority, and earning his bachelor’s degree from IE University has not disappointed. Importantly, third- and fourth-year students have the opportunity to specialize their degrees through electives like investment banking or finance, allowing them to carve out their own unique career path before they graduate. They can also take advantage of 100+ student clubs, which are great for networking and learning about specific industries. For example, alongside her studies, Alicia was involved in the IE Consulting Club, where she was able to attend workshops with professionals in the field. She also completed an exchange in Singapore—the opportunity of a lifetime—as well as a consulting internship in Zurich with KPMG. 

Similarly, Sergio was part of the IE Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, and completed an exchange at Harvard University as well as an internship at Goldman Sachs in London. The ambitious young student also dipped his toes into the entrepreneurship initiatives at IE University, and explains that these opportunities allow you to gain hands-on experience that will be useful down the line. In fact, for both students, gaining practical experience during their undergraduate degree has been key in preparing to enter the job market. According to Alicia, the IE Talent & Careers department is a great place to get started with internship hunting. The team provides students with endless opportunities for professional preparation, including workshops on writing CVs and cover letters, as well as practice interviews with actual HR professionals from top firms.

In addition to the resources available on campus, the IE University alumni network is vast and spread across the world. Students can reach out to graduates through the IE Talent & Careers office, or take communications into their own hands by writing to alumni on LinkedIn. Students interested in a particular field can also attend training sessions or talks hosted by IEU Clubs.  Whether you’re interested in learning what it’s like to work for a specific company or you’d like advice on how to land your dream job, there are thousands of alumni who are happy to help. 

The practical, hands-on approach to learning, alongside the diversity and prestige, is what made me choose IE University.

Alicia Cisneros

The importance of place and community

While some students choose to spend all four years of their degree in Madrid, others choose to live two years in Segovia and two in Madrid—it all depends on the type of experience you’re looking for. Alicia and Sergio chose to spend all four years living in Madrid, and the city has now become a second home for them. Describing the capital as vibrant and affordable, Sergio encourages students to get out and make the most of what the city has to offer. For example, Alicia recalls that picnics at the park and dinners at Marieta’s on Wednesday nights are simply a must for IE University students.

The Segovia campus is smaller and more tight-knit; this is the place to go for students who are interested in the intimacy of a smaller city. The campus is highly active and constantly abuzz with activities for students, so there’s always something to do. Because students are less spread out, the community has strong, deep roots that support lasting relationships. 

Regardless of the campus you choose, having a basic knowledge of Spanish will go a long way in easing the transition and facilitating your integration into your new home!

A network the world over

So, what will Alicia and Sergio remember most fondly about IE University? For Sergio, beyond the excitement of living in Madrid, the renown of the university, and the fun factor of all the activities on offer, the most fundamental takeaway from this experience has to be the “awesome family of friends” he’s made. He points out what a valuable network this creates for IE University students as well as alumni.

Alicia agrees, explaining that the people are key to the IE University experience and an invaluable component of what it means to be a student here. Beyond the friendships formed between students, she also cites the relationships students build with professors as an important human element that lasts long after graduation. These connections serve as key sources of professional advice and support for years to come.

You know that wherever you go in the world, you have a place to stay, because you have friends absolutely everywhere.

Sergio Nührmann

Both Alicia and Sergio plan to complete a master’s degree after finishing the bachelor’s program, and are looking forward to building on the strong foundations they’ve laid at IE University. They know that the experiences they’ve had over the past four years will stick with them and shape them for the rest of their personal and professional lives.