IEU Experience


Alexander Messerer is part of the illustrious crop of IE University alumni. He completed his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in Comparative International Law in 2019. Since then, he has gone on to attain his master’s degree and found a successful IP firm. Here’s what Alexander had to say about his IE university experience and changing trajectory after graduation.

My name is Alexander Messerer and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Lead IP GmbH. I am Argentinian but have lived in Munich for most of my life. I spent the majority of my formative years attending international schools and believe this is what inspired me to study comparative international law in Madrid. I hold another bachelor’s degree in English Common Law, as well as my Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Commercial & IP Law.

I’ve always been passionate about technological innovation and my professional background reflects that. While still in university, I began my career working in the legal department for Adobe. I also completed internships in various other IP firms during this time. Later, I went on to work at Moeller IP Advisors—a global IP boutique firm and one-stop-shop. After two years there, I was ready for my next adventure.

My international nature has helped me become fluent in English, German and Spanish. I also speak a little French. In my free time, I like organizing and completing different physical challenges. For instance, crossing Spain along the Camino de Santiago for 5 weeks. I also volunteer for several causes and social projects.

Starting off on the right foot

When trying to settle on which bachelor’s program to pursue, I wanted something that would resonate with my global lifestyle. I was also keen to expand my business knowledge and skill set. The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) program at IE University checked off all these boxes for me.

The thought of tying myself to a single country so early in my career was not something I was interested in. The fact that this program took a wider and more international approach to law—instead of focusing on just one jurisdiction—was quite attractive. In a way, the global approach gave me more security. 

I loved studying at IE University. In addition to being part of a diverse, multicultural community, my time here made me a more strategic leader. I developed the habit of analytical and comparative thinking, which has been invaluable during my career in IP law. Also, collaborating on projects and assignments with students from all over the world made me more open-minded about learning. It has made it easier for me to understand laws from other regions and cultures.

Furthermore, the curriculum is jam-packed with various subjects in business and commerce. This gave me a firm entrepreneurial basis to expand on in the future. The program improved my skills in business, leadership and corporate finance. I believe that it helped me start off my career confidently, giving me the stable foundation I needed to embark on a successful foray into entrepreneurship.

Making big strides after graduation

I’ve gone on to make many big moves since my graduation. I finished my master’s degree at the University of Law, an accomplishment achieved in collaboration with IE University. Concurrently, I worked at a global intellectual property firm, where I spent time sharpening my skills in IP law and refining the plan for my own business. In fact, this period inspired the idea behind my startup, Lead IP GmbH.

Lead IP is a company that offers digital business development and lead generation for service providers that specialize in the IP industry. The company leverages the use of data for the acquisition of clients. We do this to help businesses increase efficiency, save money and expand their reach. In this way, we can help ensure the sustainable long-term growth of IP law firms.

Looking to the future

Right now, the future looks bright. My short-term plan is to scale Lead IP internationally. We have experienced marked success so far and hope to replicate it on a global scale. In the long run, I’d like to expand my knowledge in business administration. Also, I hope to continue trying to solve many other legal technology challenges.

If you are interested in studying law and pursuing entrepreneurship as I did, my advice is to explore all the applications that the field has. Avoid being blinded by the traditional views of what lawyers do or how to apply the law. After all, one doesn’t have to become a lawyer just because they chose to study law. You can use it to lay a great foundation for further progress instead.