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At IE University, we offer our students the opportunity to take their studies further and partake in a range of exchange programs. IE University has agreements with over 160 prestigious universities, ranging from 50 countries across the globe.

Our students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, enriching their studies, broadening their horizons, and making the most of the chance to travel and explore the world around them.

As an international university, we value the importance of international diversity and encourage our students to broaden their global perspectives at every opportunity. Students at IE University are able to foster cross-cultural connections and make long-lasting friendships, all the while improving their employability options.

Andreea Vitalaru

Time to learn more…

Andreea Vitalaru, International Mobility Coordinator, sat down with Sebastian Kruger, a Swedish Bachelor in Business Administration student who decided to go abroad during his fourth year and spend his first semester at McGill University.

Keep reading if you want to find out everything he had to say about the University and the lovely city of Montreal:

I made the decision to apply to McGill rather randomly, during a casual conversation with my friends in which we were analyzing the best possible study-abroad choices in Russia, Latin America, and North America. My gut said McGill and Canada were the perfect fit for my ideal exchange experience, and I was right.

Culturally, I felt like I landed in the right place, as Canada and Sweden seem to have a lot in common; however, at the same time, it felt like everything was new and exciting.

I have a pretty independent nature so I did not choose to stay in the accommodation the university offered. Instead, I rented my own apartment through AirBnB in an area called “La Plateau.” This was a perfect fit for me as the community was young and vibrant, and mostly made up of artists and students. Living off campus did not stop me from interacting with both exchange and local students. It was quite the contrary, as I felt as if I was broadening my horizons. Student clubs at McGill were extremely active, so there was always something going on every other week.

Academically speaking, McGill can be demanding depending on your course selection and your personal approach. So if you are looking for an exchange with an academic challenge and internationally recognized professors, this is the perfect place for you!

I was mostly interested in improving my team-managing skills and two of the courses I chose to take were called “Managing Organizational Teams” and “Compensation Management.” Also, McGill’s teaching style allowed me to acquire great skills that I can now apply to the thesis I am writing back here at IE University.

My favorite memory from this enriching experience has to be discovering Montreal’s beauty in the fall. Even though it was chilly, walking around was still pleasant and renting a bike was a must for students. There was always something exciting going on, like the many art festivals and the fun activities held in nearby parks.

Would I recommend the university to other students? Absolutely, but be prepared to learn a lot and maybe keep a few French sentences in your back pocket.