Mathematics has long been at the very core of human progress. From Pythagoras to Galileo, many of humanity’s greatest feats would never have been achieved without a solid dose of math and as technology continues to evolve at a startling pace, that trend is showing no sign of slowing. In fact, as AI advances and computing changes our day-to-day lives with relentless efficiency, the demand for a deep understanding of mathematics will only become greater.

IE University’s Bachelor in Applied Mathematics seeks to place students at the forefront of innovation in a field which is expected to grow by up to 33% over the next ten years. By gaining a comprehensive insight into the practical applications of their theoretical knowledge, students are prepared to tackle real-world problems and contribute to groundbreaking solutions.

Balanced curriculum

IE School of Science and Technology prides itself on equipping graduates with the skills to apply mathematics to any discipline they feel passionate about, from the environment to healthcare, finance, new technologies and everything in between. The School’s advisory board is made up of world-leading mathematicians who guide the teaching faculty in crafting a unique and varied program to ensure students enjoy a top-level education and acquire all of today’s most in-demand competencies.

The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics focuses on both classical and novel mathematical concepts and instructs students in how to apply their knowledge to real-world problems, all while mastering a range of programming languages and computational tools. The goal is to deliver a balanced curriculum that will help students cultivate analytical and abstract thinking skills, merging intuition with logical rigor. 

The program boasts a unique methodology in the educational field, moving away from the traditional mathematics teaching methodologies. We invert the pyramid, with concepts first being introduced through a selection of intriguing examples or problems. This sparks curiosity and student engagement, before we take a deep dive into the theoretical foundations. The approach fosters a deep understanding of the principles, but not before presenting students with real-life applications, nurturing their own ability to apply their learnings outside the classroom.

Professional edge

Besides an emphasis on acquiring mathematical expertise, the program places significant importance on developing the transversal skills which are essential for success in today’s professional settings. The four-year Bachelor degree is designed to give students a distinct edge in their future careers by helping them excel in multidisciplinary environments and ultimately provide them with the different management skills they need to move into leadership roles. 

Professors impress on students the importance of viewing the world not only through a mathematical lens. They underline the importance of developing entrepreneurial acumen, communication skills and a focus on social elements that will help mold professionals capable of shaping the industries they are involved in.

The first two years of the study plan cover core subjects that lay the foundations in theoretical and practical mathematics. The third and fourth years then allow students to tailor the program to their interests by selecting from three concentrations: Industrial Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence or Financial Mathematics. These concentrations are designed to lend graduates greater knowledge and expertise to help them stand out as they move into their professional futures.

The culmination of the degree comes in the form of the Capstone Project. This hands-on task sees students apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired on the program to a real-world problem or research question of their choosing. Designed as an immersive undertaking, it helps consolidate all they have learned over the last four years, while also providing valuable practical experience that will serve them well on whatever path they choose to pursue following graduation.

Stepping out into the business world

As a tenet of IE University’s philosophy, the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics of course offers a whole host of opportunities beyond the classroom. Students are given the chance to take part in various internships and exchange programs during their final year, gaining vital work experience and expanding their professional networks in what can be a hugely competitive field. These experiences not only enhance graduates’ employability but also offer a unique opportunity to come into contact with a range of different cultures and industries.

Individuals who successfully complete the program will be well-equipped to embark on successful careers in a broad range of sectors. Thanks to the interdisciplinary skills and sound mathematical foundation gained on their degree, our graduates are perfectly positioned to be catalysts for innovation in any area where their aspirations lead them.

IE University Bachelor in Applied Mathematics | Irene Alda