IEU Experience


What’s it like studying at IE University with your sister? We talked to María Paula Ramos, Bachelor in Architectural Studies student and María Verónica Ramos, Bachelor in Business Administration student, about their similarities and differences, their career ambitions and life at IE University.

Originally from Venezuela, sisters María Paula Ramos and María Verónica Ramos lived for twelve years in Saudi Arabia, moving on to a boarding school in Switzerland, before making their way to IE University. María Verónica credits IE University with giving her an opportunity to develop her relationship with her sister, who, she says, “challenges me all the time to be the best version of myself.” María Paula feels that her sister can be “very chaotic,” in contrast to her own less emotional, more logical nature. “She is very old-school,” counters María Verónica, adding, “I’m more digitally-centered.” María Paula agrees: “She excels at Excel!” However, despite their differing personalities, they meet up regularly and enjoy spending time together. 

Both sisters feel that IE University has helped them grow both personally and professionally: María Verónica says she has developed “friendships that I know will last for a lifetime,” and that she’s become more confident in her business and marketing capabilities. María Paula says she’s not only learned more about herself professionally, but has made connections with people she can rely on in the future.

The clubs and activities offered by IE University have also helped both sisters pursue their professional goals and hobbies. Both have a passion for creative pursuits: María Paula enjoys drawing, and María Verónica plays the guitar and writes her own songs. “I love to attend different networking events related to music,” she says. In addition, María Verónica is an active member of IE Music Club, IE Marketing Club, IE Technology and Innovation Club and IE Golf Club

Looking to the future, María Verónica is keen to apply her business knowledge in the music industry. She’s confident that she will be able to use the skills she’s developed at IE University—teamwork, innovation, creativity and problem solving, to name a few—to promote artists and connect them with their audiences.  María Paula, meanwhile, sees herself working as an architect on small-scale projects where she can connect with people. “Architecture is not a one-person job,” she says, explaining that “designing a building is like planting a seed into the world.

Their advice for prospective students? “I would advise anyone interested in business to always strive to continuously learn,” states María Verónica. “Fall in love with ideas,” says María Paula, “but also be willing to mold them and change them.”