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Juggling school and life can be a challenge, but Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics student Ryan has found the right way to balance them both.

Besides focusing on their classes, IE University students fill their schedules with plenty of extracurriculars, social activities, lectures, and work opportunities. For our students, not all of their learning takes place within the four walls of a classroom. Through hands-on experiences and opportunities to connect with the rest of their diverse student body, your average IE University student takes full advantage of their four years on campus. Ryan, a student in our Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics program, has found the perfect school-life balance. Whether he is doing his homework or using his data skills through online work, Ryan has found a way to fit it all in!

A day in the life of Ryan


Most of my classes start then. I go to class, take notes, and ask whatever questions I may have to the professor. Halfway through the day, I have lunch and hang out with my friends.


This is usually the end of my school day. I come back home and eat again and then start studying.


I finish studying, have a snack and work on trying to make some money from the comforts of home. I spend around two hours working on anything that could get me some short-term revenue, such as website creation, design work, and some work involving data. I find it interesting to use this time for these side projects as I get the chance to experiment with new skills that I’ve acquired in my classes.


I take a break to unwind by watching some TV shows or having some food with my roommates.


I like to DJ for a couple hours and record a few mixes or mashups and just experiment with different transitions.


I set aside an hour here to take some online courses to learn different skills. I usually take courses related to psychology, philosophy, technology, and engineering.


I have dinner, hang out with my roommates, and have some friends over before going to bed (apart from Thursday nights when in most cases, I go out with my friends).

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When did you start your degree? Why did you choose this degree?

This is my first year studying this degree. I studied Computer Engineering at another university for a year and decided I was more interested in data science and information and therefore, I chose to come to IE University and pursue the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics.

What do you like the most about living in Segovia?

Segovia is such a unique city. I used to live in Dubai, so I have really enjoyed the transition from life in a big and highly active city to my current life in Segovia, which is more quiet and relaxed.

What do you like most about studying at IE University?

I really enjoy the fact that all IE University courses are very hands-on. Being able to take courses in interesting fields of study, which are and will be very important for any professional opportunity, helps me to understand the material better in order to start applying it to real-life situations.

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

I am not currently participating in any extracurricular activities. I like to work on a lot of personal projects in online fields such as app development, music making, website building, etc. This is usually how I spend the extra time that I have outside of the classroom.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

My favorite subject has been Data Visualization. I quickly was able to learn the fundamentals of a programming software and how to create data visuals. I found it really interesting and fun to work on.