IEU Experience


My four years of studying the Bachelor in International Relations taught me how to work well under pressure—something that is essential in this department.

Recent Bachelor in International Relations graduate Paula Núñez-Lagos always knew she wanted to work in fashion. While studying at IE University, she held numerous internships related to communications, luxury, and fashion, and even had the chance to expand her skill set and network by taking part in an exchange at the University of Texas.

Some months before graduation, Paula applied for a position at Loewe via the IE Career Portal, and joined the luxury firm as her first post-graduate job. And she’s not alone—many other IE University students have worked in various departments at the Spanish luxury house, including International Sales, the Loewe Foundation, Marketing, HR, and Customer Service.


Founded in Madrid in 1846 by leather specialists, Loewe is one of the world’s first luxury labels and continues to be recognized for its distinctive fusion of classical refinement and contemporary elegance. Now under the creative guidance of Jonathan Anderson and owned by the LVMH group, Loewe continues to focus on craft and culture with an unmatched expertise in leather.

As a public relations intern at their Madrid office, Paula took the time to answer our questions on her role at Loewe and the steps that led her to where she is today.

What does an average day at Loewe look like for you?

I follow up on media, VIP and stylist requests for Loewe’s ready-to-wear collections, while organizing and prioritizing them with the help of my supervisors so that Loewe gets the highest and most qualitative media visibility possible. I’m also in charge of maintaining the international showroom and keeping track of the stock. In addition, I archive Loewe’s media appearances for EU markets and supply Loewe credits as and when requested by PR agencies worldwide.

Why were you attracted to this role when you decided to apply?

I’ve always wanted to work in the fashion industry, and I was looking for a job in a department that specialized in communication and collaboration. That’s why an internship in the public relations department of a luxury fashion house with a heritage like Loewe’s seemed like the perfect opportunity.

What do you like most about working in the fashion industry?

I really enjoy being constantly up to date on the latest collections, and seeing how our team’s efforts allow the house’s work to end up on the front page of magazines like Vogue or Elle.

How do you think your experience at IE University and/or the Talent & Careers department helped you secure this position?

My IE University experience helped me improve my communication skills, which are key for a job in PR. Additionally, my four years of studying the Bachelor in International Relations taught me how to work well under pressure—something that is essential in this department. As for Talent & Careers, they provided me with invaluable assistance when it came to applying for the internship.

What advice would you give to current IE University students looking to enter this field?

It’s hard work, and you need to be ready to solve creative problems under pressure!