What makes companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple stand out from the rest? They are the barrier-breakers, the innovators, the companies that have used technology in new ways to change our lives and the way the world operates.

Technology is everywhere; the world has gone digital. That’s not groundbreaking news in the 21st century. But the world is waiting for the next generation of change-makers: the people who are ready to use technology in a new way; to innovate and improve the way we work and live, and to start solving the challenges of today and tomorrow.

But how are these people making a difference in a tangible way? What are the jobs they take on to become the builders of the future, the innovation influencers? And how do you get there?

Take a look at some of the career paths that will allow you to help shape our future, both behind-the-scenes and center-stage, and how the Bachelor in Information Systems Management at IE University will prepare you for any of them.


This is a big one, and although the job itself isn’t specific to one area, the qualities of the person ready to become a disruptive entrepreneur in the digital era are. From creating the next app that will transform the way we communicate, move, shop, or share; to creating innovative new products, services, or systems that revolutionize life as we know it; to working in the corporate world as an entrepreneurial tech innovator; diving into the unknown is what the digital era is all about. An entrepreneur is not one thing. But in the new world of work, becoming a successful entrepreneur means having an innovative mindset, and being ready to continuously learn, adapt to the fast-changing environment we live in, and fearlessly forge our future.

Bachelor in Information Systems Management

Through a hands-on, practical learning experience and access to accelerators and startup hubs that will give you all the resources you need to bring your tech projects to life, the Bachelor in Information Systems Management at IE University will help you foster the entrepreneurial mindset that will allow you to shake things up. A final project, at the end of your four years, that is both the culmination of your learning and potentially the start of your new venture, will launch you into this world if it’s where you want to go.

Digital transformation strategist

Businesses across the board need to continuously change and innovate in order to stay relevant. Digital transformation strategists have the skills to supervise technology projects, managing tech change processes through a deep understanding of technology and programming systems and how they are applied to the business world. They also have a background in the latest technologies—like robotics and AI—and the innovative mindset to continuously push the envelope and inspire a growth mindset across sectors.

Bachelor in Information Systems Management

This program prepares you with fundamental concepts in information technology and how they are applied to businesses across industries. Through tech-focused courses in marketing, operations, economics, accounting, finance, and strategy dynamics, along with innovation economics, agile and lean methodologies, consulting skills, change management, and negotiation skills, you will be prepared to help keep any company or organization at the cutting edge.

Technology manager/consultant

Technology consultants help businesses redefine business models to harness the power of technology. Whether you’re working in-house or as an outside consultant, this position will allow you to analyze and implement solutions that will optimize operations and processes at any business. Technology managers and consultants use the latest tech, like extended reality, blockchain, and fintech solutions, to improve the customer journey across sectors such as banking, health, energy, and real estate.

How to become a change-maker

Through hackathons, IEU labs, internships, and projects led by top tech companies, the Bachelor in Information Systems Management will give you hands-on experience using agile technologies and developing software to find and implement tech solutions to the most challenging problems across sectors. You will gain a multidisciplinary understanding of technology that will allow you to foster change across industries.

Information Systems IE University

Becoming the person who will positively influence the world around us, not only through a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies available today, but through an outside-the-box, entrepreneurial mindset that pushes you to find new solutions, can mean many different things. The Bachelor in Information Systems Management will prepare you to become a future-builder through a career that’s right for you.