Entrepreneurship pumps through our veins at IE University. It is the core of who we are, as each day on campus, students have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and pursue an entrepreneurial venture. Along with our faculty, who are constantly dedicated to promoting an entrepreneurial spirit, students are provided with the resources and training to start new initiatives.

Each of our degree programs have a strong focus on entrepreneurship, and with a basis of business management incorporated into each program, students are able to cultivate strong entrepreneurial skills and turn their ideas into reality.

This, alongside our strong focus on innovation, creates the ideal breeding ground for new ways of thinking and ideas to make a difference in society.

There are numerous options for embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, and below are the best degrees offered for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations 

The Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations delves into the workings of international businesses and explores the political, economic, and social systems used throughout. While being taught by professionals from top global management organizations, you will be exposed to the tools needed to develop policies, manage teams, and adapt to different work environments.

In addition, throughout the program you will discover the best ways to design initiatives so that they have a positive impact on society. You will be constantly encouraged to participate in social impact projects where you will be in charge of coordinating a project to maximize its potential. You will also learn how to manage non-profit initiatives.

Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

In the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws you will learn how to apply your critical-thinking and decision-making skills to succeed both in the corporate and legal worlds. Our hands-on approach provides you with an in-depth insight into real-world challenges and teaches you how to find the best solutions for such complex issues.

With numerous international opportunities offered to all students, you will be able to build up an extensive network of globally focused individuals. This will provide you with the perfect platform to start building your initiatives from. Furthermore, from your second year of study onward, you will take a more in-depth look into entrepreneurship and how this specifically relates to this sector.

Bachelor in Architectural Studies

The Bachelor in Architectural Studies is designed for individuals who want to stimulate their creativity and use their skills to positively transform our surroundings. Whether it’s addressing the challenges of sustainability or learning how to incorporate the latest digital technologies to drive change, you will learn how to apply your entrepreneurial mindset to bring about positive transformation within the built environment.

In no time, you will become a forward-thinking, dynamic individual ready to spark change in your colleagues and future generations.

In addition to the degrees offered, IE University offers innovative resources to help you develop your new ideas:

IE University Bachelor Degrees

IEU Start-Up Lab

The Start-Up Lab provides you with the training and resources needed to help kick-start your own company. Access to new networks, seminars, and training are all offered to students right on campus.

Professors and industry professionals are always at your disposal to guide you through the process of launching your new venture, from developing your business plan right through to establishing the legal side to your business. You will have constant guidance and advice offered to you, as well as practical workshops led by experts and other successful entrepreneurs.

IE Venture Lab

The Venture Lab is there to help you take your degree project to new heights. As a student at IE University, you have the chance to attend the Venture Lab Accelerator and fast-track your business idea by partaking in a “bootcamp.” You’ll then prepare your project and present it at one of our biannual Venture Days where it will be assessed by investors, local entrepreneurs, and capitalists. Finalists from the Accelerator will then be able to pitch their projects to international investors at our Venture Days. Finally, you will be assigned a mentor who will be either an entrepreneur, investor, or businessperson with sector-specific experience. They will apply their real-world knowledge to your project and align their perspectives of the challenging business world with your aspirational vision.

Business Plan Challenge

The IEU Business Plan Challenge offers students the chance to pitch their start-up ideas to both the IEU community and to potential investors. Aimed mostly at students of the Bachelor in Business Administration program, it is an unmissable opportunity to enter the world of entrepreneurship and enhance your presentation skills at the same time.