The next generation of lawyers will rock the foundations of this industry.

While the impact of new technology and big data has been felt universally, there does appear to be one industry in particular that has seemingly avoided the big data revolution altogether. It’s true that the legal industry is more closed-off, and therefore protected against external trends. However, indicators show that the legal industry is ripe for change, and is set to feel the effects of big data.

New lawyers, new ideas

The next generation of lawyers will rock the foundations of this industry. They will bring a different mindset than their predecessors due to their exposure to the digital era. These individuals are more open to implementing technology, and will embrace big data in order to improve their working environment. As clients start to demand innovation in this area, these new lawyers will have to be ready to satisfy their evolving needs.

Law meets big data at IE

At IE Law School, we understand that the legal industry must respond to these disruptive trends in order to better serve society. We prepare students to do just this by applying an innovative teaching methodology, making space for interdisciplinary study, and encouraging students to participate in events like Law Without Walls, where they can learn about business within the context of law. Our students will discover how to lead the conversation surrounding these powerful trends, and play an active role in the big data revolution.

What is ieLawX?

IE Law School is hosting ieLawX, an event designed to explore the legal challenges and job opportunities in big data. This Thursday, top experts from different fields will join law industry leaders to discuss topics relevant to technology and globalization. In a series of interactive presentations, attendees will be free to engage with and contribute to the topics of discussion. In this first edition of ieLawX, experts will speak on the use of big data in the legal, private, and judicial fields.

Though it is only open to a select group of individuals, anyone is free to participate via social media. Join our streaming session on Thursday at 9:30AM to find out what our experts have to say. The debate will last until 2:00PM, so be sure to check it out!

ieLawx Big Data and Law

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